Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week 37

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  After a long HOT week we are finally cooling a bit but unfortunately many places of our state are on fire.  Please someone send us some rain!  I'm ready to move on to fall and welcome some changes in the weather.  Let's hope it happens soon.  Oh and guess what? It's still super busy here.  I have a feeling that will never change ;0)

Take a look at last week's pictures:

Day 251- Monday, 9/8/14
It's nice to have your best friend to relax with after doing a grueling hour of homework.  I'm not sure why he's in a blanket with these temps but whatever works.  I think the a/c was blowing right on him.  At least he's happy and relaxed.

Day 252- Tuesday, 9/9/14
They announced the USA Water Polo Academic All-Americans today and Tyler was on that list.  He and 3 of his best friends made the list proving that they can perform just as well in the classroom as the water.  Way to go boys!

Day 253- Wednesday, 9/10/14
We keep finding signs of fall or is it the drought?  I want and need to see some nice fall color.  This brown dry stuff is not cutting it.

Day 254- Thursday, 9/11/14
Never Forget!  I took the two younger boys to our local memorial after school today.  It's a great display that really drives home how many we lost.  Our local fire crew was there too so it was nice to see them paying tribute as well.

Day 255- Friday, 9/12/14
TGIF!  It's family movie night so we're popping popcorn and watching Captain America the Winter Soldier.  The boys are super excited to be seeing yet another Marvel movie.

Day 256- Saturday, 9/13/14
It's time for a date night.  John and I escaped to Davis and had dinner at Bistro 33.  I love the outdoor dinning here but it was WAY too hot- 103! so we opted for dining indoors with the a/c.  LOL!  It didn't matter.  It was all good and great just to get out.

Day 257- Sunday, 9/14/14
Tyler and I spent the morning at the MIND Institute for Tyler's 2nd year visit in the teen brain study.  I had a bunch of forms and rating scales to fill out while he played computer games and did some math assessments.  Afterward we grabbed lunch before braving the traffic caused by fix 50 construction on the freeway right where we needed to exit for home.  We were both super happy we ate first!

That's it.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next week.

The Mom Creative


  1. I cannot believe how hot you've all been!! It was in the high 40s yesterday am here! I wish I could send you rain so scary to be so dry! Looks like a good week none the less!

  2. Hope you cool down soon! Congrats to Tyler on the All-American!!!! That is awesome! Love the Never Forget display with flags. That is neat. Glad you got away for a date night. You have been busy! Hope you have a great and much cooler week!!

  3. Congrats to Tyler on his academic All-American! I know you're very proud :-) I love that you guys do a family movie night. I can't wait until my little ones are old enough to do that. And what a great date night! That restaurant looks really great! Hope you guys get some rain soon and things start to cool down.