Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 38

Welcome back and Happy Tuesday!  Today is my oldest son's 16th birthday!!!  He grew up in the blink of an eye.  We actually celebrated Tyler's birthday Sunday so you'll get to see his picture at the end of this post.  It's crazy how fast time flies and the kiddos grow up.  I need a pause button or at least a slow mode.  When someone figures that out let me know.

Until then I'll immortalize everyone in pictures so here are last week's shots:

Day 258- Monday, 9/15/14
This girl is getting old too.  Look at those sugar lips ;0)  I think she traumatized the hair follicles around her mouth by always eating so fast.  She's still as cute and sweet as ever--our beautiful Bella girl.

Day 259- Tuesday, 9/16/14
Brandon is my banana boy.  He'd eat an entire bunch in a day if I let him.  This is his go to after school snack.

Day 260- Wednesday, 9/17/14
I'm sensing a theme here--evidence that I'm old.  I received my 20 year service award at work today complete with a generic note from the Chancellor, a pin to wear on the lapel of my lab coat, and a VISA gift card.  Plus I now accrue more vacation time and have my health benefits for life.  It seems unreal that I've been in the same lab at the Veterinary School or all these years.  That too happened in the blink of an eye.  Now only 20 more until I retire.  Hopefully it will go just as quickly.

Day 261- Thursday, 9/18/14
Justin is happy it's Thursday and he's done with homework.  Friday will be a piece of cake and then he'll have his weekend.  He's looking forward to that.  Later on my walk with the dog I snapped a picture of the smoke plume from the King fire that started earlier this week in the foothills. Our poor state is fighting so many fires right now.  We need some rain!

Day 262- Friday, 9/19/14
Day one of another water polo tournament.  Number 5 is Tyler, and the boys are warming up for game two.  They did great today and are looking more like a united team.  We finished early so I was home in time to help Brandon walk the dog and then enjoyed the evening with my family.  You can see more evidence of the King fire in the hazy sky on our walk.  The smoke has made its way down into the valley, but the fire is really no where near us and burning in the opposite direction.

Day 263- Saturday, 9/20/14
Day two of water polo.  The coach was happy with how well the team played yesterday so he gave them their new suits and caps for the season.  They look great and the numbers on the caps are so much easier to read especially when they're in the water.  It was another good day at the pool.

Day 264- Sunday, 9/21/14
Tyler's birthday is on Tuesday which is the worst possible day of the week to have a birthday in this family because no one is home in the evening so we celebrated with cake and presents today.  He was a happy boy.

Wait! One more:

September's Family Photo

We're all home enjoying this relaxing Sunday so I decided it was time for September's family photo.  I made them all take the picture before I let them have cake ;0)  It works every time.  Look at those perfect smiles.  Even the dog cooperated.

OK, now that's it.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next Tuesday.

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  1. Happy birthday Tyler! That's a great cake! I am a banana lover too - such a great snack, but gone too soon! Congrats on your years of service at work!

  2. Happy Birthday! Crazy you can see the smoke from where you are. I pray you get rain soon! My miss Olivia also loves bananas. Yeah on your 20 years of service work! Way to go! Time does go way too fast! Hope you have a good next week!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Tyler! That cake looks awesome! And congrats on 20 years in the lab! The September family photo is another great one. Hope you guys get some rain soon!