Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week 5

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  It's got to be better than Monday.  We had a rough weekend with 2 sick kids and one was at his worst on Monday.  It was bound to happen.  There have been a couple new bugs going around the schools.  I hate it when my kids are sick, and the nagging cough part gets really annoying really fast.  I'm keeping the rest of us pumped up on vitamin C and any other sort of immune booster I can find hoping we don't fall victim.  We'll see.  At least the first part of our last week was nice--busy as usual but nice.

Here's what that looked like:

Day 26- Monday, 1/26/15
It's a Monday just after coming back from the weekend away and I'm totally not prepared or back in the swing of things so my kids get breakfast for dinner.  I'd like to say that I at least made the pancakes and bacon fresh but they were left over from our mountain brunch yesterday.  It is what it is, and the boys were happy with it so that's all that really counts.

Day 27- Tuesday, 1/27/15
Justin is staying after school most of the week to practice for an upcoming play so this lucky guy gets to tag along with me on errands.  We just wrapped up a couple and are now waiting at the high school for Tyler to be released.

Day 28- Wednesday, 1/28/15
It's Back-to-School night at the high school for the new semester.  Tyler has 4 new classes and it's really my only chance to meet those teachers.  One of the fun classes he's taking this semester is 3D art.  He hates art and is only taking it because it's required, but after just a week he's warming up to it and is actually finding it relaxing especially since it's his last class of the day.  It's a good way to unwind.  As an artist at heart I enjoy seeing his projects.  It's like having him in kinder again ;0)

Day 29- Thursday, 1/29/15
Justin is the sound tech guy for the school's play and tonight was their big show.  They did a Frozen musical, and it was fun to watch especially since I know most the kids up there on stage.  I took Brandon with me and he enjoyed it too even though he hates the movie Frozen.

Day 30- Friday, 1/30/15
We're breaking records here with the warms temps.  It feels so much like spring that even the honey bees are out.  Our backyard is literally buzzing.  We also have the driest January on record with no rain at all :0(  There was .001% moisture for the month and that came from fog!  January is usually our wettest month of the year so this is not good.  I sure hope February and March help make up for the lack of rain and snow.  We need it so bad.  In other news, Brandon is losing all his molars left and right.  It's been 2 in 2 weeks and he has 2 more loose ones.  I think this will be the last batch for him which is kind of sad because he's my baby. *sigh*

Day 31- Saturday, 1/31/15
Winter polo or Spring polo?  It sure felt more like spring.  I'm sure the boys didn't mind.  Tyler even got a little too much sun while playing today.  He's #19 our there in a black cap.  Just one more week of winter polo before high school swim starts.  The school year is flying by.

Day 32- Sunday, 2/1/15
Happy February!  Brandon is fighting a nasty cold and spent most of today wrapped in this blanket on the couch watching the Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark channel.  Justin and I ran out really quick to get some pictures at Sutter's Fort for a history project about John Sutter and then right after he broke with a fever so the rest of his day was spent on the couch next to Brandon.  Ugh! This Grumpy Cat meme from Justin's daily calendar pretty much sums up how we all felt about the Super Bowl.  The kittens were much more entertaining although I still can't believe my kids sat through 3 hrs of that.

All done for now.  I'm really hoping the end of this new week is a much healthier one with no more victims falling to the germs--wishing wellness upon us all.

The Mom Creative


  1. That art class sounds so cool!!
    Sorry you had a round of germs hit the house, no fun! And want some of our snow? We can ship out and let it melt (-:

  2. I feel your pain on the sick kids. We have had different things 2 weekends in a row. Not fun. Hope everyone is better at your house and didn't share with anymore. We had a crazy warm day this past week also, but snow is predicted tomorrow. Crazy Kansas weather. Love the 3-D art! That sounds like a cool class! Hope you get some rain in February!!! Have a great a week!

  3. We had a sick kid weekend in our house too :-( I hope everyone is on the mend. Tyler's 3-D art class sounds awesome. I wish they'd had that when I was in school! Happy February, and I hope you get some rain!