Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 6

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  It's a slow start for me today.  We're still on the mend here from that nasty bug or two that made it's way through our house last week.  I just can't wait until we're all done and healthy again.  There is no time for sickness in this house and unfortunately no one told the germs that.  We're all looking forward to putting this behind us.

Now take a peek at last week's pictures:

Day 33-  Monday, 2/2/15
This was Justin's worst day.  His flu progressed very quickly to pneumonia and a sore throat that was nearly swollen shut.  After getting some antibiotics and steroids in him he pretty much slept for 2 days straight.  Poor thing was hit hard.

Day 34- Tuesday, 2/3/15
Brandon is on his own at karate tonight since Justin is still too weak for physical activity.  In class Brandon just started his year long review to prep for black belt testing.  This means he has to also help lead the class and train the lower belts.  He's excited for his new role.

Day 35- Wednesday, 2/4/15
These pets are sure good therapy.  After school Tyler usually drops his book bag, heads for the pantry to grab a quick snack, and then spends some downtime with Bella on the floor before retreating to his room to hit the books.  She most certainly helps reduce stress around here.  Rusty is another great stress reliever and healer.  Justin was happy to have the company of this concerned and caring cat while he was recovering.  They are both happy he's feeling much better.

Day 36- Thursday, 2/5/15
We're waiting to collect Tyler after school and sometimes I take Bella with me because she enjoys the short little rides to help shuttle the boys here and there.  

Day 37- Friday, 2/6/15
It's raining!!!!  Thank goodness and it's about time.  We are supposed to have 3 good days of rain from this system so we'll see.  Unfortunately Tyler and I are now sick with that nasty bug.  My kitchen counter is looking more and more like a drug dispensary and sadly the only alcohol I drank this Friday night was the bit in my NyQuil before bed. Not exactly how I wanted to start my weekend.

Day 38- Saturday, 2/7/15
Look at those threatening rain clouds!  Luckily we only saw about 15 min of rain the whole 6 hours we were at the pool for Tyler's last winter polo tournament.  I'm so happy it did not pour like yesterday and there was no crazy wind like predicted. It was actually quite nice out and a good way to end polo for now.  It's time to focus on swimming before we figure out what to do about Junior Olympics.

Day 39- Sunday, 2/8/15
Today the skies opened up again and it rained most the day and through the night which was fine by me because it was a good reason to just stay home, do nothing, and try to kick this bug.  Justin loves the rain and has been missing it plus he's been cooped up in the house recovering all week so he was excited to get outside and play in the puddles.  He also volunteered to walk the dog in one of the massive downpours.  They both came home soaking but happy.

That's it for now.  Hopefully next week we'll all be healthy again.  John has yet to fall victim so we'll see.  Thanks for stopping by.  See you next Tuesday.

The Mom Creative


  1. Oh man. We have had the sick bugs too, and it is not fun. Hopefully you are all recovered and it doesn't come back! Glad you got some rain! Enjoy your long weekend coming up and stay healthy!

  2. So glad you're getting the rain you so need! Sorry about the nasty bugs, not fun at all! Good luck to Brandon testing for his black belt, how exciting!

  3. Yikes! Sounds like a rough week with all the sickness. Poor Justin with pneumonia :-( I hope everyone is feeling better! That's very exciting that a black belt is not too far off for Brandon. Best of luck to him! I hope this week is better than the last for you all!