Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week 8

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  It's cold here today but not as windy.  I'm sure it's nothing like back east, but cold for us. We've been spoiled lately and forgot what winter is supposed to feel like. I think there is even rain expected for the weekend and snow in the mountains. That's good!  We sure need it.  I'm game for a wet spring.

Here's what happened last week:

Day 47- Monday, 2/16/15
We're home for President's Day and decided to take a bike ride on this gorgeous day.  It was a bit buggy out but otherwise very nice.  We also decided these guys have outgrown their bikes and both need bigger ones soon.

Day 48- Tuesday, 2/17/15
Brandon is my little shutter bug.  He loves taking pictures of Bella and Rusty mostly and then adding them to the computer for his profile page.  He's also made a few powerpoint presentations with the pictures he's taken of the pets.  Good thing his subjects cooperate for the most part.  His biggest challenge in finding good light so he can avoid the pesky flash they really don't like.

Day 49- Wednesday, 2/18/15
It's been foggy in the mornings but once the fog clears the sun shines bright.  We have many trees and flowers in bloom.  Today at work the pavers were littered with confetti from a blossoming pear tree and it put a smile on my face :0)

Day 50- Thursday, 2/19/15
It's a bit grey out today as I pick the boys up from school.  Looks like Justin is staying after again so it will just be Brandon and I for an hour or two.

Day 51- Friday, 2/20/15
This kitty boy is spoiled.  The boys make him these perfect little nests complete with all his favorite toys and cozy warm blankets to hide in.  He'll sleep in there for hours.  Must be nice!

Day 52- Saturday, 2/21/15
We're all happy to have a lazy Saturday at home.  Tyler has been working on teaching Bella to stand.  She does it sometimes perfectly and other times needs a little help.  The younger boys decided it was a good day for fort building.  They started here in the living room but then decided they needed more height so moved everything to the pool table.  I'm just happy to see them playing something nice and creative together away from a screen.

Day 53- Sunday, 2/22/15
Justin is conducting his science fair experiment testing how the lack of smell can affect taste.  He had to cut up a bunch of fruit and vegetables and then test his theory on 10 different people.  John was a reluctant participant but a good sport. Thanks also to all our neighbors who joined in on the fun and helped Justin out.

That's it!  One more week left in February (eek!).  Thanks for stopping by and see you next Tuesday.


  1. So jealous of your weather! Looks like a fun week - the experiment looks awesome.

  2. Love the science experiment photos! You will have to let us know his result! The confetti on the sidewalk is so pretty! A beautiful sign of spring that we are way to far away from here. Also love the fort building! My kids like to do that too. It is nice to see them be creative and play away from screens! Hope you have a good week!

  3. That bike ride looks like so much fun! I wish we had some nice weather here to enjoy some outdoor activities. I love the living room fort, too! Looks like a fun day at home. Enjoy the rest of your week!