Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week 9

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  Here we are in March.  I'm so not ready for this month.  February was nice and mellow, but March will be ugly.  Pretty much all my days are booked in the month of March.  There are a lot of things to prep and plan for too so my head is spinning just thinking about how I'll make it work. I know it will come to together and be great in the end, but it still stresses me out.  At least there is spring break to look forward to and help me recover just as April starts.  I'm hoping things in April will be a bit slower, but I don't think that will truly happen until school is out in June.  I just need to go with the flow and ride this school year out.

Here's a look at how we spent our last peaceful week in February:

Day 54- Monday, 2/23/15
They brought art back to the elementary school (it's about time!) so now Brandon has it every Wednesday and is loving it.  Each weekend he brings home a project to work on that has to be turned in Wednesday.  This afternoon he continued to work on his current project and is almost done.  It takes a lot of time, but he doesn't mind at all.

Day 55- Tuesday, 2/24/15
More signs of spring.  Our tree out front decided to bloom this week.  I'm so happy I got a picture today because later in the week the wind and a little bit of rain ruined a lot of the blossoms.

Day 56- Wednesday, 2/25/15
I'm missing this guy since swim started.  I leave for work before dark and he gets home after dark.  At least today he needed me to drop off some workout clothes for lifting weights after pool time so I got to see his smiley face in bright daylight :0)

Day 57- Thursday, 2/26/15
At work I'm prepping sample kits for field work.  Four coolers with 10 sample kits each.  We're starting a project testing the effectiveness of a bio-security class taken by 4-Hers with market animals.  It's great to see that the UC extension people are continuing to work and improve these programs, and I'm happy to be a part of it.  I raised 4-H market lambs as a kid so it's like I've come full circle which is pretty cool.

Day 58- Friday, 2/27/15
There were a lot of insane looking clouds out today that made our neighborhood look pretty small in comparison.  The boys were excited to see the change in weather and were more than happy to join me on a walk with the dog so we could cloud gaze.  Thankfully the clouds meant a lot of snow in the mountains but didn't really bring much rain our way.

Day 59- Saturday, 2/28/15
It's date night and we decided to try this new place out which was a fun experience.  It's Studio Movie Grill which means drinks, dinner, and a movie all in one place.  The best part was being able to hit that red button and have them bring stuff right to our seat.  We'll have to come back again soon so we can try more of the food and see another movie.

Day 60- Sunday, 3/1/15
March is Justin's month so he helped me with my monthly marker while the cat played in the laundry that needed sorting.  Laundry day is one of Rusty's favorite days.  He loves to tunnel and jump through the piles

Wait! One more:

February's Family Photo

This was taken on the very last day of the month because we just couldn't get it together before then ;0)

Now that's it!  See you next Tuesday.


  1. Yay for art being back!! Those clouds are awesome!

  2. HappyMarch! Love the family photo! That's great that art is back in school. It's hard to imagine elementary school without it. Sounds like a fun date night with your hubby! We have a Studio Movie Grill near us, and love it!

  3. That is so sad they took art out of your elementary! I am glad it is back. Our kids have art/music/pe/library/computer lab every four days. Do they have music in your elementary? Love your pictures that week. Your datenight sounds like a cool place! I understand how March is crazy. April and May look worse on my calendar. I agree, you just have to grin and bear it until school gets out. Man, crazy days ahead! Hope you have a good week!!