Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 12

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  It's the last week before spring break and we're counting down the days. It will be a busy break.  We're not going anywhere but have a lot of stuff planned.  Now if we can just make it through this week--modem problems at home are not helping.  You'd think the world was coming to an end last night when the kids couldn't get on the internet.  It's amazing how crippling that can be especially when it involves homework.  Forget, "My dog ate it."  The new excuse is, "My internet was down."

Here's a look at last week:

Day 75- Monday, 3/16/15
Brandon was here.  This boy and his rocks!  He collects them from wherever and stashes them everywhere.  I find them in his pockets, wrapped up in towels in his room, and scattered randomly through the house.  These ones he wanted to showcase in our potted plant out front.  That's actually a much better place than anywhere in the house!

Day 76- Tuesday, 3/17/15
Happy St. Patrick's Day! We had a little fun by adding some green to dinner.  Yep!--breakfast for dinner again.  I did make it fresh this time ;0)  And look at the little black dog's head in the background to the right so patiently waiting out of the kitchen/dining area where she knows she cannot be when the kids are eating.  She'll sit there and watch them intently keeping her distance until they are done and she can come in to clean up their crumbs.  LOL!

Day 77- Wednesday, 3/18/15
I really hate adjusting to daylight savings, but I do enjoy the longer hours.  It makes the evening walks with Bella so much more pleasant especially when it's been nice and warm out.

Day 78- Thursday, 3/19/15
It's science fair night and Justin had to wear a shirt and tie.  You'd think with 3 boys I'd know how to do this, but John is usually the one that takes care of it.  Unfortunately he's out of town for March Madness so I had Justin look up and print instructions for me to figure it out.  Thank goodness our modem was working then because I tried on my own without a guide and failed miserably.  Doesn't he look handsome?

Day 79- Friday, 3/20/15
We're so glad it's Friday!  Tyler is at an away swim meet and Justin is staying late at school to count pennies for patients so Brandon and I celebrated on our own with an ICEE from Target.  Yum!

Day 80- Saturday, 3/21/15
He's back and everyone is happy.  We all missed him.  He usually stays through Saturday and returns on Sunday for March Madness but came home early this year which was nice.  I hate being a single parent especially with a full-time job.  It's just too hard to juggle it all on my own.  Talk about an exhausting week.

Day 81- Sunday, 3/22/15
John is teaching Tyler how to fix the sprinkler head he broke with the lawn mower.  Sometimes this boy does not know his own strength and has broken quite a few things carelessly ramming that mower here and there. On the bright side he's learning how to fix the things he destroys.  Speaking of destroyed.  Look at our yard swing to the left.  Brandon sat on it without the cushions and the fabric which is quite weathered gave way.  *sigh*  Time to fill that space with something else.

That's it for now.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.


  1. Busy week! How cool they get dressed for the science fair! He looks great all dressed up. I was a bit reckless with the mower too (-:

  2. That's too cute that Brandon likes to collect rocks and stash them in random places. Justin looks so handsome dressed up in his shirt and tie. I'd have to look up how to tie it, too! You are a supermom taking care of everything while your hubby was out of town. I always dread when my husband is traveling.

  3. Looks like a busy week to be a single parent. I wouldn't know how to tie a tie either. I just buy Jesse the zipper ones :) Someday Ben will have to teach him. Glad the science fair went well! It really looks like spring there! We are just starting to green up. Can't wait! Hope this week goes by quickly for you so you can get to your much needed break! Have a good one!