Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 11

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  We're plugging along here and adjusting to the time change.  Things at work have been busier than at home which is unusual but in a good way.  The weather has been funky too.  It can't seem to make up it's mind.  The spring like conditions are very nice but almost too warm, and we still need more rain.  I'm prepping for a few days without John as he heads to Reno for March Madness.  There's only 2 weeks until spring break.  None of us can wait!  We all need the downtime.

Take a look at last week's pictures:

Day 68- Monday, 3/9/15
Prom tickets in the house!  Just a few weeks ago I asked him if he was going and it was an absolute NO.  Funny how things change.  I am glad he's going though and know he'll have a really good time.  He takes things a little too seriously sometimes so it's great to see him break out of his comfort zone and try something new.  I think he'd regret it later on in life if he'd never gone to prom.  Oh, and I found out he was going from another parent first before he told us!  Talk about being out of the loop.  In his defense he had a plan and was waiting until he had the tickets in hand to tell us, but they took longer to get than expected because of a required signature page he didn't know about.  Fun times!

Day 69- Tuesday, 3/10/15
 I'm not sure why Brandon chose to curl up here after finishing homework, but Bella was less than thrilled.  See the look she's giving me . . .  "Really?  You're going to let him take my bed?  First the cat and now the boy.  Help a puppy out!"

Day 70- Wednesday, 3/11/15
 Rain!  We got a lot more rain today than anyone was expecting but that's ok--the more the better.  Rusty likes to watch the raindrops fall and also wishes it would happen more often.

Day 71- Thursday, 3/12/15
It's time to put his science fair board together.  It's not due until Monday but he has a sleepover to go to this weekend so he wants to bang it out before then.  I'm all for that!  Later we found these beautiful flowers in a neighbor's yard as we walked the dog.  I just love their colors.  It's gorgeous out--you'd never know it rained yesterday.

Day 72- Friday, 3/13/15
 The past couple Fridays Justin has stayed after school with his NJHS group to count Pennies for Patients.  It's a lot of hard work but for a good cause, and they have fun visiting and enjoying party food as a treat.  That's his favorite part ;0)

Day 73- Saturday, 3/14/15
Happy Pi day!  We made a couple pudding pies (lemon which is looking a little lopsided and chocolate with a cookie crumble top) to enjoy after lunch.  Everyone was excited and couldn't wait.  We would have had them earlier at the exact "Pi time" (9:26:53) but the younger kids had tennis and Tyler was off taking his SAT.  At least they were a good treat for after all that.  Later, to work off the pie, Brandon and I took Bella for a nice long walk.   It was a warm and amazing day--the perfect kind of spring day for making wishing with magical weeds :0)

Day 74- Sunday, 3/15/15
 It must be treat weekend or something.  There will be no time Tuesday on St. Patrick's day to get Shamrock Shakes so we decided we better partake now before they're all gone.  The boys have been looking forward to them since the first of March.  What a lucky lot!

That's it for now!  See you next week as we prep for the end of March.  A lot of things happening then and many deadlines to meet.  My head is spinning trying think how we'll make it all work.


  1. What a great and busy week! How exciting to have prom coming up!

  2. That's exciting that Tyler decided to go to prom! I bet he'll look adorably handsome all dressed up. How fun that you all made pies on Pi day. We never got around to getting Shamrock Shakes this year. Thankfully my kiddos are too young to realize!

  3. Prom--oh my! Abigail was really not looking forward to hers but then her nationals to Seattle are the same week, so she will miss it. She wasn't too disappointed :) We were thinking along the same lines with the pies :) We have good taste. Glad you got some rain. Those flowers are beautiful and glad you got the shakes before they were gone! have a great week!