Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 14

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  Today is John's birthday.  Happy Birthday babe!  We love you.  We've had a run with Justin, Easter, and now John all in a weeks time.  At least I was home from work to help make it all happen. We had a good spring break.  It was super busy, but we got a lot done and still managed to have some fun.  I just wish we had one more day after Easter to recuperate before heading back to the rat races.  Monday was brutal too.  Today it's raining and raining a lot!  Yay!

Here is how we spent our spring break last week:

Day 89- Monday, 3/30/15
Justin and I could both spend hours in the garden center at Lowe's.  Today we are picking out tomato plants and a chili pepper plant to get started out back for our summer harvest.  The potted flowers grew back from last year which is always nice to see.

Day 90- Tuesday, 3/31/15
Happy Birthday Justin!  He had his party over the weekend but today is the actual day, and since we already did cake a breakfast birthday doughnut was in order ;0)  Then we headed to Davis to visit the Raptor Center.  He's really into owls right now so this was a special treat.  They had many live owls as residents we could visit plus a great learning center.

Day 91- Wednesday, 4/1/15
Here's my favorite April fool.   Brandon was kind enough to hold my monthly marker.  I told him to act more like a fool for the picture, but he didn't want to so I got a sweet smile instead.

Day 92- Thursday, 4/2/15
Tyler worked hard all week but especially yesterday to wrap up his essay and a video for a scholarship deadline related to his medical congress trip back in November.  With that weight lifted off his shoulders he can now truly enjoy his break.  We went into Natomas to get a fittng for his prom tux and then had some lunch together at Chipotle.  Later he had fun spending time with friends.  Freedom feels good!

Day 93- Friday, 4/3/15
Here's some more freedom for another one of my boys.  This morning Justin got his braces off.  This completes phase two and now hopefully he is done for good.  We celebrated by taking in a movie where he could crunch all the popcorn he wanted to crunch, and he said, "It felt awesome!"

Day 94- Saturday, 4/4/15
This was a different type of kit that made for some cool colored eggs with geometric shapes.  The boys had fun dying eggs for our Easter celebration tomorrow.

Day 95- Sunday, 4/5/15
Happy Easter!  It ended up being a cold and overcast day, but we still made the most of it.  We had a great morning together with a yummy brunch and then welcomed the Cepeda family over for a nice ham dinner.  I hope everyone else had a great Easter too.

That ends our spring break.  Thanks for checking in and see you next Tuesday.


  1. Happy birthday to Justin and John! And congrats on no more braces for Justin, he must be loving that!

  2. Happy Birthday to your hubby and Justin, too! You've had a lot of celebrating going on! That's exciting that Justin got his braces off. His smile looks great! I'm glad you all had a great Easter and Spring Break!