Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 15

It's Tuesday again! Welcome back. This next week is crazy busy but mostly in a fun way. Swim practice for the younger ones started last week so that's always an adjustment. It completely changes our schedule and we're trying to get used to that. That first week was really rough, but I'm hoping now that we have it behind us things will fall into place and go smoother. One can hope!

Take a look at our pictures from last week:

Day 96- Monday, 4/6/15
I love these flowers given to us on Easter Sunday by our dinner guests, and I'm hoping they last most of the week.  Swim for the younger kids has started and for this month they have the last practices of the day which means we don't get home until almost 9pm.  Ugh!  The boys are super tired and cranky by then.  I can't wait until May when the times switch and we'll be done by 6pm.  That's much better timing.

Day 97- Tuesday, 4/7/15
Happy Birthday John!  We celebrated by having dinner at Joe's Crab Shack on the river.  Tuesday night was the perfect night to go because there was no wait!  Every time we try to eat here there is at least an hour wait so I guess it was meant to be for John's big day.  We all had a great dinner.

Day 98- Wednesday, 4/8/15
After school I had to run Justin across town to the library for a book we couldn't find on the kindle.  It took awhile but after some help we found what he needed.  Then when we got home I made a point of taking a picture of Bella because yesterday was her birthday too.  This sweet girl is now 6 and look at that drool!  I was holding a cracker to get her attention and she wanted it so bad that she started drooling like crazy.

Day 99- Thursday, 4/9/15
We made a Target run for milk and cereal, and Justin wanted to spend one of his gift cards, but all he came home with was grape Fanta.  This kid cracks me up.  He says he's never seen a real grape one in the stores and just had to have it.  I bet it's refreshing on this warm spring day.

Day 100- Friday, 4/10/15
It was a busy work week.  Yesterday we had another batch of 4-H samples come in, and today I read them out.  You've seen the yellow but we also read the same sample pouches in the dark under UV to check for florescence.  See the lit up squares?  That's an indicator E. coli is present.  I wear that shield to protect my eyes from the light.  Later that afternoon the high school swim team had a meet where I helped time, and Tyler helped count laps for his friend Ryan swimming the 500. It's great to see how the kids cheer each other on.

Day 101- Saturday, 4/11/15
There's John in Texas at MotoGP.  He's been there since Thursday with some of his good friends and comes home late Tuesday night.  Despite some rain on the first day it sounds like they had a great time enjoying the race and all the great Texas food.  Thanks Steve for the picture.

Day 102- Sunday, 4/12/15
Sadly we had a dead tree that needed to be removed from our backyard.  It was one of the biggest trees we had too.  Huge bummer.  They came out today to finish the job and remove the stump so we can plant a new tree.  What an ordeal!  In the process they cut our main drip line and had to rip out a beautiful rose bush.  Ack!  I also hate the clear view of the house behind us now and need to get another tree in the ground soon to cover it up.  On a happier note my Easter tulips opened.  I'm not sure I've ever seen one open.  They sure are pretty--way prettier than that dead tree!

That wraps up another week.  They are flying by fast and furious these days.  Summer will be here before you know it and I can't wait!  See you next Tuesday.


  1. What a packed week! I had a grape soda phase at one point. Enjoy the busy swim season!

  2. Looks like a fun birthday celebration for John. I love Joe's Crab Shack! Happy Birthday to Bella, too! And that is too funny about the grape Fanta. I've always thought sodas taste better in a bottle.

  3. Busy week for you! Can't believe you are all swimming so much now! Looks like a great birthday celebration! Sorry about the tree! Hope you can get a good one in there to fill in fast! Have a great week!