Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week 20

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  It will be yet another busy week with work samples coming in, protocols to sort out, field trips to take, projects due, swim practice and evening meetings.  It's the end of school year craziness.  Only 3 more weeks of school left though so we'll power through and then enjoy the break.  Summer break--I can't wait! 

Take a peek at last week:

Day 131- Monday, 5/11/15
We're at swim practice 3 days a week for 2 hours straight.  Justin just finished and is now playing video games while we wait on his brother.

Day 132- Tuesday, 5/12/15
Tyler's been hitting the gym after school to lift weights and try to bulk up.  It did help his swim times this year, and he could really use the mass for water polo.  When he gets home he makes a Muscle Milk smoothy in the Magic Bullet before tackling homework.

Day 133- Wednesday, 5/13/15
It's a minimum day at school and Justin is busy staying after for something so Brandon came with me to run a few errands near Arden.  I got this bracelet from the boys for Mother's Day which I love because they so painstakingly picked out the perfect charms, but the clasp needed fixing since it's way too hard to open and close.  We stopped at Jared's to get that fixed and then headed to the mall to return a shirt and pick up some red swim trunks for Tyler's job.  Brandon's reward for keeping me company was a S'mores frappuchino new at Starbucks this summer.  He's been wanting to try one and earned it today. 

Day 134- Thursday, 5/14/15
He takes off his shoes but not his backpack before hitting the pantry when we get home from school.  Priorities!

Day 135- Friday, 5/15/15
Bam!  Ten weeks of 2015 documented in Project Life spreads all printed and ready for an album.  The prints showed up today and are amazing quality.  I have very little time to do scrapbooking anymore, but they have this new app so I can do it all on my ipad mini very quickly while waiting at kid's activities and appointments.  The next 10 weeks are almost ready too so I'll be all caught up with this year.  I can order the prints straight from the app, and they also have these new 8x8 sizes which make for a more manageable album than the traditional 12x12.  Oh, and the flower--nature is a must on my blog.  Before heading to swim I made it out into the backyard today and noticed that my Iris was in bloom.  Happy mail! Happy day!

Day 136- Saturday, 5/16/15
We're here at the Dolphin's Blue and White swim meet.  This is a time trial meet so the kids swam in every event which makes for a long day.  At least the weather was pleasant--a bit windy and chilly in the morning but perfect by mid-day.

Day 137- Sunday, 5/17/15
Oh!--where might we be going this summer?  I took the kids to get their passport pictures done and filled out all the paperwork today to get this process started.  I'm hoping we'll make it to Mexico by the end of July, but I can't book anything just yet.  We're still waiting on Tyler's summer schedule to be little more set.  At least I can work on the passports.  They'll take 4-6 weeks to process.

That's it for now.  See you next week in the last week of May!  WooHoo!  Yes I'm excited to wrap up May.


  1. What a wonderful review of your week. Looks like you have some really great sons to be proud of. I do love the photo of your son getting a snack with his backpack still on. They do have their priorities, don't they.

  2. I love your Project Life prints! I've been thinking about printing my next book in 8x8 since 12x12 is just so huge. I'll have to get a sample printed to see how it looks. How exciting about a Mexican vacation! I know the boys will be excited to have their very own passports. I need to get my expired one renewed! I've been getting the travel itch lately.

  3. Busy week! I love the backpack on in the pantry, so funny! Mexico, oo Im envious!