Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 21

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  It was so nice to have a 3-day weekend.  Too bad every weekend is not like that.  It would really help a lot!  There are only 2 short weeks left of school.  This is the last real week and then the first week in June is really just a play week for the kids at school.  I'm not even sure why they bother but at least there shouldn't be much stress or homework involved and I'm all for that.  

Here's a look at last week-

Day 138-  Monday, 5/18/15
No homework for Justin today so he gets to relax and lounge until we head to swim.  The pets are lounging in their favorite spots too.  This is where you can usually find them when we are not home during the day. 

Day 139- Tuesday, 5/19/15
Brandon is doing computer generated illustrations for his chapter book due Friday.  It amazes me what he can do on the computer.  I didn't even know we had a program that allowed him to do that.  Go Brandon go!  Later that evening we wait as Justin works through his karate class.

Day 140- Wednesday, 5/20/15
Typical teen scene.  Tyler is looking up his schedule on the phone for certain activities this week so we can make drop off and pick up plans.

Day 141- Thursday, 5/21/15
5th grade field trip to San Francisco.  The kids got to play at the Exploratorium in its new location by the wharf.  We haven't been since it moved so it was nice to see the changes.  I probably won't be going on too many more field trips after this.  Sniff, sniff--my babies are growing up.

Day 142- Friday, 5/22/15
It's a bright and warm author day at the school where the kids share their writings with the parents during a picnic lunch.  This is Brandon's finished chapter book.  It ended up being 4 chapters long and he was pleased with how it all turned out even though he was less than thrilled he had to include some American history in the story line.  The boy just does not like history right now.

Day 143- Saturday, 5/23/15
We spent most the day cleaning house and doing yard work to prep for a bbq party tomorrow so the last thing anyone wanted to do was cook.  Justin agreed to tag along so we could pick up some burgers and shakes.  That hit the spot and was well deserved by all who pitched in to help.

Day 144- Sunday, 5/24/15
We threw a Memorial weekend bbq party today so we could have Monday to recuperate.  We enjoyed the company of a lot of great friends, ate way too much wonderful grilled food, enjoyed some fresh sangria, and it was just warm enough to open the pool for the summer. Good times!

That's it!  May is almost done!  School is almost out! We are more than ready for some summer fun.  What will you do this summer?


  1. So funny that he doesn't like history! Enjoy the last two weeks of school, we have 3 more, 3.5 for teachers...

  2. Fun week! Glad summer is getting closer for you! Your memorial day BBQ looks yummy and fun! Can so relate to the typical teenage shot--always on their phones :) Love the field trip shots! Those are quickly going away for me too. so sad. Enjoy your week!

  3. It's lovely to see your week, my kids are all at University so we are at the next stage! No doubt you will have an equally busy summer ahead - enjoy!
    Wren x