Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 24

Hello from Santa Cruz!  We are here for a few days with friends on vacation and are enjoying the beach, boardwalk, and cooler temps.  Happy summer to us :0)  I need to make this quick so we can head back out for more fun in the sun.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 159- Monday, 6/8/15
It's hot out.  These scorching temps and once-a-week water restrictions because of the drought are not kind to my lawn or tomato plants.  At least most the flowerbed plants and trees are drought resistant.  It's time to start saving shower water to help the with the lawn and plants that just can't take it.

Day 160- Tuesday, 6/9/15
In the cool of the early morning Justin and I rode to the high school and back to make sure he knew the route.  He'll be riding there for tennis club starting up soon and then for school in the fall.  Later we went out to lunch and hit up the bookstore to get some summer reading books--an annual kickoff to summer trip.

Day 161- Wednesday, 6/10/15
The weather is crazy and it actually rained today quite a bit but was still warm so we made ice-cream.  The boys wanted Neapolitan so we made a batch of each flavor and then combine them.  It turned out great and we got 3 tubs just like this.  Yum!

Day 162- Thursday, 6/11/15
On our last ride it was obvious Justin needed a new bike.  He outgrew the last one and we had a spare from a neighbor that we thought would work but the gears are all messed up so I took him out to find a brand new bike today.  He loves this new bike--the color, the gears, the size.  Score!  We went for another ride to and from the high school and it works great.  He's hard to please so I know it's a keeper when he keeps asking to ride it ;0)

Day 163- Friday, 6/12/15
Another super hot day which meant the community pool was busy and there's my favorite lifeguard keeping watch.  He's been working non-stop all week since Sunday but gets a break tomorrow to take the ACT.

Day 164- Saturday, 6/13/15
We had a break last week but are back at it this weekend with a swim meet.  The team photographer took these photos of Brandon swimming and John doing his DJ thing.  This is actually John's last meet as team DJ.  He'll be out of town for work the next one then doing a wedding for the last one and we're not swimming next year so that's it for him!  

Day 165- Sunday, 6/14/15
Another lazy Sunday where we catch up on housework, relax some, and pack for vacation.  Rusty likes our slow start mornings after he's been fed of course.  He cracks me up how he rests on this step with his little arm all propped to the side.  John found some boogie boards for our trip, we got new beach towels and also found a volleyball and badminton set to take to the beach.  It will be so much fun!

That's it.  Time to head back out to the ocean and maybe explore some tide pools today.


  1. Busy week!! Enjoy your vacation time!!

  2. Hope you are having a wonderful time! It is super hot there! That homemade ice cream looks yummy! Love the new bike and the new books for summer! Looks like a great start of a wonderful summer for you! enjoy!

  3. I hope you all have an amazing time in Santa Cruz! I know it will be a great way to escape some of that heat. Tyler looks so official in that shot of him lifeguarding. So cool that your hubby is able to get involved in the swim meets as the DJ. Hope you enjoy your time away!!