Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week 23

Happy Tuesday!  We're finally on summer break.  WooHoo!  Unfortunately have to work on and off this week while my kids are home in limbo before camps start, but then we get too escape together next week for a few days in Santa Cruz.  That sounds really good right about now since it's so darn hot and the coast is always a good bit cooler.  It will be refreshing and fun.  You can't beat that!

Now for last week's pictures:

Day 152- Monday, 6/1/15
It's June, the pool is open, we are ready for school to end, and excited for summer to begin!  Justin gladly posed with my monthly marker on this warm, sunny day.  Things are heating up around here.

Day 153- Tuesday, 6/2/15
Brandon is spouting up and needed some new summer jammies especially with these warmer nights.  He's wearing a boy's size large now (sniff, sniff).  Can you tell he likes sharks?

Day 154- Wednesday, 6/3/15
This our backyard friend.  If we can't see him on one rock or another we can usually hear him rustling in the leaves under the bushes. The boys enjoy searching for him and wondering where they might find their lizard next.

Day 155- Thursday, 6/4/15
It's the last day of school and Justin graduated from the 8th grade.  He's officially now a high school freshman.  It's crazy to think I'll have 2 high schoolers next year, and Brandon will be all alone at Bridegway starting middle school!  The kids had a nice graduation ceremony, and after John and I took Justin out for lunch at Whitey's for burgers and shakes.  Yum!

Day 156- Friday, 6/5/15
To celebrate the start of summer we cleaned out backpacks and then all went to Big Kahuna for some refreshing frozen yogurt.  Later Tyler and I met some friends to catch the movie San Andreas on IMAX.  Talk about an action packed movie with a subject a little too close to home.  It was still fun though because it was a little unrealistic and a bit cheesy.

Day 157- Saturday, 6/6/15
This is Tyler's new ride.  He bought the truck from our next door neighbors.  It's almost as old as he is but has low miles and is in good shape. It's a great first car and he's thrilled not to have to ask mommy for a ride anymore.  The timing is also perfect since he officially starts his summer job tomorrow.

Day 158- Sunday, 6/7/15
Here we go.  Our lifeguard is grabbing some lunch before heading out on his first shift at the West Sacramento pool.  It officially opened for summer to the general public yesterday and it's super hot out in the mid 90's so it will be crowded.  He'll miss working in Davis but won't miss the commute.  Where's Brandon you ask?  He had a sleepover at a friend's house last night and didn't get much sleep so now he's crashed out on the couch and totally missed lunch.

That's it!  Happy summer, and I'll see you next week posting from Santa Cruz!  It was 103 here yesterday so I'm looking forward to the cooler temps on the coast.


  1. How cool to get his own set of wheels! Congrats on all newest high schooler!!

  2. Yay for summer!! I can't believe you have two high schoolers now! Congrats to Tyler on his new truck. I'm sure you're almost as excited about that as he is since you won't have to chauffeur him around anymore. I'm glad the break from school is off to a good start!

  3. Happy Summer! Yeah!! Nice truck for Tyler! I am sure he is so excited about that! Enjoy the report, spelling list and project free time!