Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Week 28

Hello and welcome back.  It's Tuesday of course.  There's a lot of great things coming up that we are looking forward too, but that also means that summer is quickly coming to an end. I'm so not ready for that!  Target even has all the school supplies out for purchase and my boys about lost when they saw that.   Our summer is now more than half over.  *sigh*  The best thing to do is enjoy all the days we have left and make the most of them.

Until then here are last week's pictures:

Day 187- Monday, 7/6/15
Justin got all call from his long time friend who moved away last year.  He actually moved across the country but has recently moved back to California.  Sadly, they are still too far away to see each other in person, but Justin enjoys talking with him on the phone.

Day 188- Tuesday, 7/7/15
It's Tyler's first time giving blood which is something that was on his summer to-do-list.  Check!  Afterwards we walked down the street for a nice burger--a great way to replenish iron.  This kid never ceases to amaze me. Later that night he got a call from his Stats teacher congratulating him for getting a 5 (highest possible score) on his AP Statistics exam.  He's going places, that's for sure.

Day 189- Wednesday, 7/8/15
Oh Bella!  She will sit and stare at you when she knows it's time for her walk and won't let you leave her sight.  John and I usually trade off walking her and she's pretty good about knowing just who to stare down each day.  Today was my day.  Ok girl, let's go!

Day 190- Thursday, 7/9/15
Not our best day :0(  Justin called me at work to let me know Brandon woke up with a migraine and had started to throw up.  I rushed home also to find our garage door was busted and would not close.  John called a repair guy while I tended to my poor baby.  He continued to suffer and throw up in pain for the next 6 hours. It was a cloudy and thunderstorm type of day so I'm thinking the change in barometric pressure might have been his trigger.  I just wish it didn't have to be that way.  At least by dinner time he was 100% better, all smiles, active and ready to eat.  It's crazy how quickly he can bounce back.  That I'm thankful for!

Day 191- Friday, 7/10/15
I think this about does it for my tomato crop this year.  I got maybe 6 total out of 2 plants.  Ugh!  The pepper plant Justin planted at least looks better and is more hopeful. Next year is supposed to be an el nino year so hopefully it will help end our drought.  This no rain business in no fun!

Day 192- Saturday, 7/11/15
Today the boys had their best swim meet all season and it will be their last maybe forever.  We're not swimming at champs or with the Dolphin's next year.  Everyone needs a break, but hey, way to go out with a bang!  We celebrated at In-N-Out for dinner.  It was just me and these two.  Both Tyler and John are working.

Day 193- Sunday, 7/12/15
Speaking of work, I spent 6 hours in the lab today helping streak county fair samples. Unfortunately the nature of the project means weekend work for the rest of my summer.  At least I have a good team so we all dug in deep to bang it out as quickly as possible.  Also look what came in the mail yesterday--once I finally checked our box--Passports!!  Now my boys can leave the country and more importantly come back!  Mexico we'll see you in 2 weeks!!! 

That's it for now.  Thanks for stopping by and hope you're enjoying your summer.


  1. Oh no! Poor kiddo and the migraine! How exciting about the stats score - wow!!
    Mexico - now I am envious!

  2. I hate that Brandon suffers from migraines. They are the worst! I used to get them several times a month, complete with all day vomiting. I drink apple cider vinegar almost daily now and haven't had one in a long time. I doubt you'd be able to get a kid to drink it though! Yay for Tyler doing well on his statistics exam, and for giving blood! Your boys are awesome!

  3. So sorry about the bad migraine! That is no fun! I am excited about your Mexico trip! WooHoo! Have fun! Looked like you had some yummy burgers this week too! Hope you continue to enjoy your summer!