Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 29

Welcome back!  Happy Tuesday ;0)  I'm looking at a super busy week ahead with a long to-do list and just hope I can get it all done before we leave for Mexico next week.  It's crazy to think when we get back it will be August already.  No!  I'm so not ready to start prepping for back to school.  Can we have an extra month please?

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 194- Monday, 7/13/15
Today we were at Target restocking the pantry and these two had actually earned a reward so they were thinking they'd pick a toy but then decided Starbucks was a better choice.  Fine by me!

Day 195- Tuesday, 7/14/15
More Tennis for Justin.  At least today was not nearly as hot. There was a nice breeze that really helped.  It may not have helped their tennis game but at least it kept it cool. 

Day 196- Wednesday, 7/15/15
I find these camp wristbands all over the house.  Brandon has to wear them at his day camp getting a new one everyday so he takes them off at home and leaves them in totally random places all over the house.  Later this evening he helped me walk the dog.  It's nice to have the company and Bella enjoys having him along too.

Day 197- Thursday, 7/16/15
My kids are actually done with swim meets, but I'm still having them go to practice until the very end.  Brandon waits as Justin swims and is hiding because he doesn't want his picture taken then Justin waits as Brandon swims.  Justin is starting a new book and loves that it's about an orange cat like Rusty.

Day 198- Friday, 7/17/15
Today was a really busy and long day.  I went to work and then on another part of campus attended a presentation by Tyler and his team that did an internship in a plant sciences lab for the summer.  Today was their last day and it was great to be able to see what they learned and how well they understood the science behind it.  After that I spent some time with the younger boys.  We enjoyed a fruit-juice popsicle together before Tyler and I had to leave and travel to Santa Cruz for summer polo.

Day 199- Saturday, 7/18/15
It's so good to see the kids back in the pool and playing some polo.  We usually have many more tournaments and games during the summer than this.  It's hard to believe this is our first one and probably only one for the summer.  At least it's in Santa Cruz which is a place we all love to visit.  We stayed the weekend and made the most of it.  The boys played hard at the boardwalk last night and then tore it up in the pool for 3 games today.

Day 200- Sunday, 7/19/15
Polo is over so today we just play at the Boardwalk before heading home.  One of the parents paid the boys to sit for a caricature and it's hilarious how it turned out.  They weren't thrilled to be doing it at first but totally loved the end result.

That's it.  Back to reality.  I'll see you next week probably posting just before heading out on our flight.


  1. What another busy week! Bet the pool is a great way to cool off in the heat!

  2. I am glad my kids are not the only ones who hide when they see me with the camera :) have missed your water polo pics! Love the caricature. That is cool. Hope you make it through this week and enjoy your vacation the next! Have a great one!

  3. How cool that you got to make a little trip to Santa Cruz. I'm sure it was a nice way to end another busy week. And I'm jealous you're about to head off to Mexico. How nice!!