Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week 33

Happy Tuesday and welcome back.  The kids are headed to school tomorrow!  I'm home helping them enjoy their last day of summer and making sure we have everything in order. I hate it when summer just flies by, but we did have a good one so I'm grateful for that.

Take a look at our last full week of freedom:

Day 222- Monday, 8/10/15
I actually got some back-to-school shopping done this afternoon.  It's kind of sad I didn't need to buy crayons this year.  The boys are growing up.  At least a couple of them still need glue sticks and colored pencils.

Day 223- Tuesday, 8/11/15
John has been big on making smoked salmon lately.  He's has many requests and is now smoking a batch for the weekend guys trip to the mountains and kindly threw in a couple extra for us girls left back at home.  Thanks babe!

Day 224- Wednesday, 8/12/15
Brandon LOVES penne pasta.  He says it's his favorite food so he was super excited when he found out I was making some for dinner.  He'd eat this whole pot if I'd let him!

Day 225- Thursday, 8/13/15
Justin had his freshman orientation this week and has been practicing with his combination lock for PE.  I so remember doing this when I was his age.  It took him awhile to get used to it but now he can open it in the blink of an eye which helps him feel more confident.  One less thing to worry about.

Day 226- Friday, 8/14/15
This week is ending on a warm note so what better way to beat the heat than with a cold treat.  We all love It's-It ice-cream cookie sandwiches--a true San Francisco treat!  Tyler's favorite is the mint flavored one.  Yum!  It's turning out to be a very foodie week ;0)

Day 227- Saturday, 8/15/15
The guys are in Tahoe for "mancation" so the ladies got together for a little lunch and wine tasting.  We were at the Old Sugar Mill which has been converted into a wine tasting mall of sorts.  It was perfect because it was really hot out and we could stay in the air-conditioning and still taste from several different wineries.  I ended up bringing 7 bottles home!  What a fun day with good friends.

Day 228- Sunday, 8/16/15
Yep!  Still HOT!!  We broke the century mark this weekend so when John returned from his trip he and Justin did the most logical thing and hit the pool.  We probably only have about a month left of use before it starts to get too cold and the pool will need to be closed until next summer.  It's so sad to see summer go.  Really?!  Are we there already? :0(

That's it!  Thanks for stopping by and check back next week for the start of our school days.


  1. Happy last day of summer! I used to love penne and sauce! Hope they enjoy the start of the new year.

  2. Love all your food this week! Your girls' outing looks fun! It is sad when you don't have to buy crayons for back to school shopping. I usually just buy one box anyway, but didn't this year. Hope start of school went well. We have one week of summer left, but I admit I am ready for the normal routine of school to start. Hope you get some cooler weather and enjoy your pool while you can!

  3. What a fun week you had. Sometimes I think I remember my locker combination from high school days. Too bad I don't have the lock to try it on. LOL
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  4. Looks like a great last week of summer filled with lots of yummy food & treats!! I hope your boys had a great first day of school!