Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week 35

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  We're still getting used to new schedules and homework loads here but it's all becoming familiar again. It was also a super hot week last week so it just seemed wrong to be back at school and not enjoying the pool.  I miss the days where school didn't start until AFTER Labor Day weekend.  These August start dates are for the birds. 

Regardless, we'll do what we have to do and here are last week's pictures to prove it:

Day 236- Monday, 8/24/15
Here goes the homework.  I can't say I didn't miss that.  Monday seems to be the heaviest days so far.  Justin is working on Spanish flashcards and English literature annotations.  He was nervous about taking Spanish because it's a "foreign" language but has really taken to it, has a great teacher, and now thinks it will be his favorite class.  Go figure!

Day 237- Tuesday, 8/25/15
I love that he's still young enough to find the joy in chores.  Dish-soap bubbles are just too much fun.  He can't walk past a sink with bubbles and not stop to play for a bit.

Day 238- Wednesday, 8/26/15
Talk about a busy night.  I think I fed the kids cereal for dinner because we had not time, but honestly I don't remember dinner at all!  It's back-to-school night for all 3 kids which means John and I had to divide and concur.  The middle school was carful about not having their night at the same time as the elementary kids but neglected to see what night the high school kids were scheduled for.  Nice try but epic fail!  John went to the middle school for Brandon's classes and I tried to manage 2 schedules at the high school.  For the most part I hit all Justin's teachers up just after a summer trip meeting but before the offical classroom visits started, and then I met all Tyler's teachers in the usual way.  At least when all was said and done there was a beautiful sunset on display for us to watch while walking back to the car--the car!  Where oh where did I park the car? ;0)

Day 239- Thursday, 8/27/15
Yesterday was National Dog Day and this poor pup was neglected because of the other crazy events so today will have to be her day.  We did have a much slower and more relaxed afternoon to spend with her so she was given a little extra attention and as always welcomed every little bit.  The kids are always amazed by how much she soaks up attention and how much the cat runs from it.  LOL!  Happy belated dog day Bella girl!

Day 240- Friday, 8/28/15
He made it through his first FULL week of middle school with no missing assignments and all good scores.  Today was a little rough though.  A kid was teasing him in 3rd period and things escalated quickly so the teacher had to interfere, and then, since it was hot and he was worked up, right as he got to 4th period he had a really bad bloody nose.  I got 2 e-mails from 2 different teachers in the span of 30 minutes and wondered if he'd make it through the rest of his day, but he did and even came out smiling.  Love his resilience!  We decided to celebrate and cool off with a blended treat from Starbucks.  It was also spirit day so they all wore class colors instead of uniforms.  His class color is green this year.  He does not wear green nor does he own any green so he borrowed a shirt from Justin.  Blue is his color of choice so it seems weird for me to see him in green even if he does look cute.

Day 241- Saturday, 8/29/15
After what seemed like the longest school week ever it was nice to escape and spend this beautiful day in San Francisco at a Giants' game.  The baseball stadium is in a perfect location right on the bay with amazing views.  I do think, however, that my boys were more impressed with all the food options than the game itself.  Sadly the Giants lost, but it was still a fun experience and a great day.

Day 242- Sunday, 8/30/15
Time for a Sunday ride.  At least he's heading out to Bogle to pick us up some wine :0)  Me, I'm stuck at home trying to get laundry done before an afternoon Boosters' board meeting.  Tyler is working on this last day that the community pool is open and the other two are avoiding homework.  Can't say I blame them!

Wait! One more:

August's Family Picture

We had a wonderful time seeing the Giant's game together.  It was a perfect and much needed break after the first a full week of school.  A sweet old lady from Boston kindly took this picture for us.  She flew all the way out here with a friend who is a Cardinal's fan just to watch the game.  Wow!  At least the team they came to see won for them.

Ok!  That's it.  See you next week.


  1. What a busy week! Glad everyone is settling in well!!

  2. Going back to school is tough business! All the public schools here start at the beginning of August, but since Rosen's at a church preschool, so she's still in her last week of summer before her first day after Labor Day. I hate that Brandon had a run in with a bully, but I'm glad it didn't ruin his day. I'm sure the Starbucks treat helped! You're a good mom! And how nice to end the first week with a Giants game with the fam! Love that photo of you all!