Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 36

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  It was so nice to have a 3-day weekend.  We all needed the downtime, and I was sure not to overbook so we could just chill for a change.  Now when's the next holiday?  Sadly not for awhile.

Until then here are last week's pictures:

Day 243- Monday, 8/31/15
This crazy kid is not a fan of reading literature and of course he has an AP Lit class this semester.  He's just not that motivated to read what he needs to read, and I'm sick of nagging him so I decide to take a different approach and encourage him by rewarding reading milestones with chocolate mint treats (his absolute favorite).  So far so good.  It's most certainly working better than threats.  He's getting that reading done and we're both happy about it.  I love that he's just as food motivated as the dog.  That works to my advantage for a lot of things!  Also notice how he's always wearing those sunglasses on top of his head these days?  It's just a thing ;0)

Day 244- Tuesday, 9/1/15
Wow!  Here we are in September already and September of course is all about school so Brandon was kind enough to pose with my monthly marker while doing some homework.  I love how he decorated his Earth Science notebook.  He's most certainly my most artistic kid.  And like any good earth scientist he's got a rock by his side :0)  He was also super excited to tell me all about mealworm behavior they observed in class.  I'm so glad he's more into school and his studies this year.  Keep it up Brandon!

Day 245- Wednesday, 9/2/15
It's a minimum day today so we used our extra time this afternoon to bake cookies for a work celebration.  I told Brandon he could be my official taste tester and quality control expert, and he was thrilled with that.  It's nice to have more one-on-one time with him this year since the older two are at the high school and have a later release time with different minimum days.  It took a lot work to get this picture too.  I was trying to use a selfie stick with my big camera that works on the stick, but it's heavy, and my hand kept shaking from the weight, and the battery was dying, and the oven timer kept going off.   LOL!  It was quite comical but we did it with just a little blur ;0)

Day 246- Thursday, 9/3/15
Tyler's senior picture proofs came in the mail today.  It seems a bit premature to see pictures of him in a cap and gown holding a diploma when school is only just starting, but that's how they do it these days.  I'm happy with the pictures but not so happy with the prices.  I swear it's a huge racket.  I'm not sure what I'll do just yet, but I don't need a ton of pictures so it will be minimal.  Also today Bella is acting as the wonderful support dog she is for Justin.  It's so nice the kids have her.  They can come home from a bad day, grumpy and upset, but after spending a few minutes with the pup all seems right with the world.  She's our therapy dog, and we all look to her for comfort, love, and support even this boy who claims he's 100% a cat person.  Yeah right!

Day 247- Friday, 9/4/15
TGIF and hello to the long weekend!  Justin actually came home super happy today and was thrilled to show me the bug he discovered out front.  It's the first day in 2 weeks he's been happy after school.  Too bad I had to spoil the good vibes and yell at him for going to a friend's house and not telling me.  He was over an hour late coming home from school and had his phone turned off so I couldn't get a hold of him to make sure all was ok.  I hated to be a buzz kill, but this is the second time since school started that he's done this and he needs to know how serious it is.  I'm fine with him visiting friends after school as long as he tells me first so I know where he is, and gosh darn-it turn your phone on!  These independent teenager are going to be the death of me.

Day 248- Saturday, 9/5/15
Today was a fun day with good friends we haven't seen for months.  It was so nice to get Cody and Tyler together again before Cody heads off to college at UC San Diego.  They had a great time playing games together.  John grilled some amazing food, there were lots of good eats, and Sharon and I caught up over fun drinks while the guys played pool.  It was a wonderful way to kick off the holiday weekend.

Day 249- Sunday, 9/6/15
This was the perfect lazy Sunday.  It was so nice to get a late start, cook a good brunch, and slowly plug through laundry as we caught up on TV shows and movies from the past.  The only reason I left the house today was to take the dog for a walk.  I need more days like this and the best part was we still had another day at home to look forward to before heading back to the grind.  Every weekend should be a 3-day weekend.  I'm all for that!

That's it for this week!  See you for the next one :0)


  1. I am sad to hear the beginning of school has been tough for Justin! I totally get the frustration of not telling you where they are. That just doesn't work. Hope things get worked out for him and he starts liking things better. Glad you got some cookie baking time in. That is important! Glad you had a good weekend and love the Sr. pics. We can do ours independent here, so I had a friend do them. Way cheaper. Hope you enjoyed your long weekend and that you all have a great week!

  2. Love the senior pictures! Glad everyone is settling in at school - hope it continues!!

  3. That's awesome that a chocolate reward is all Tyler needs to get motivated to read. I love Bfandon's enthusiasm for school -- that Sept photo is too cute with all his homework. I hate that Justin hasn't had the best school experience so far. I hope things start improving for him, and that he starts remembering to turn on his phone lol!