Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 46

Happy Tuesday!  There's been a lot of sunshine and a lot of rain these past 3 weeks.  It's been a good mix.  It's cold and crisp when sunny so it still feels like fall, and then we also get a couple days of good solid rain.  That is the way we like it- slow and steady to wash this drought out and avoid flooding.  There were even a few ski areas that opened this past weekend which is great.  We all hope it continues and are ready for a wet winter.

Here's a look at last week's pictures:

Day 313- Monday, 11/9/15
It was a cold and rainy day so miss Bella enjoyed curling up by the fire after her evening walk.

Day 314- Tuesday, 11/10/15
Today the sun shines and Brandon enjoys being outside in its warmth before hitting the books to do homework after school. We're all happy to be getting rain but it's also nice to see the sun and blue skies in between systems.

Day 315- Wednesday, 11/11/15
Happy Veteran's Day and thank you to those who serve to protect our country.  The boys and I were home for the holiday so we took in a movie.  Snoopy and Charlie Brown never disappoint.

Day 316- Thursday, 11/12/15
The sun may be shinning but it's still super cold out.  This tree in our backyard always gets this speckled look on its leaves in the fall just before they decide to drop.  It's weird and different but also kind of cool.

Day 317- Friday, 11/13/15
Justin had a lot of homework yesterday and is so happy that today is Friday and he can just come home and relax.  That is my spot on the couch he's snagged,  but I'll let him use it until I boot him out to watch a movie later.  Unfortunately later we also heard of the horrible news from Paris and our hearts go out to them.  Sadly I'm sure there will be more terrorist attacks and not just overseas but on home soil as well.  It's frightening what this world has come to.

Day 318- Saturday, 11/14/15
On a happier note--cheers to an otherwise quiet weekend.  John brought home some Angry Orchard for us to enjoy this evening.  I think he was drinking a few other things too because look how happy he is.  LOL!

Day 319- Sunday, 11/15/15
We're spending this rainy Sunday morning at the mall getting family pictures done, and as we wait you can see Tyler is too cool to hang with his family.  At least I was able to get him up, dressed and out the door.  They were all actually troopers and rewarded with a nice lunch afterwards.  We're happy that is done for another year.  Tyler actually thinks he'll get out of it next year since he'll be away at college but of course we'll schedule for a time when he's home during the holidays ;0)

That's it!  See you next week--during Thanksgiving week!  Wow, really?


  1. The last picture is too great - mom is always one step ahead. Have a great week!

  2. I love that Brandon wore a Snoopy shirt to the Peanuts Movie. So cute! I've got to take Rosen to see that. How nice to have a quiet weekend and enjoy some drinks with the hubby! Can't wait to see how the family photos turned out!

  3. I love that shot of Brandon in the trees! The texture of the bark is so cool looking. That's great y'all are getting rain to help end the drought, but then also getting some sunny days inbetween. We had a tornado warning at 4:22 am the other day. Glad it turned out to be nothing! :)