Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 45

Welcome back and happy Tuesday. Did we skip fall and go straight to winter?  It's been really cold out and rainy--yes, I said rain!  WooHoo!  It's so nice to have some serious rain fall in these parts.  True to form right after or around Halloween the weather finally decides to change it up and we lose our summer.  We're bundling up, lighting fires in the fireplace, and turning up the heater.  It's about time and actually makes everyone in my family really happy.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 306- Monday, 11/2/15
It was a wet start to the week, and I had to scramble to find my kids some winter clothes that fit.  Brandon out grew last years pj's so now he's sporting new winter jammies Yeti style.  He's always been obsessed with the Yeti so these were perfect for him and he loves how cozy they feel especially right after a shower.

Day 307- Tuesday, 11/3/15
Even the cat has been cold and was happy to see Brandon left his pillow on the floor just for him to nap on ;0)

Day 308- Wednesday, 11/4/15
Here's some fall color for you.  It's wonderful to see this in are neighborhoods.  The sun is shinning today but it's still really cold out especially once that sun goes down.  Theses crazy kids had their polo section game tonight in Modesto and enjoyed one last dinner together as a team.  It was nice of the girl's team to make the trip down to support the boys.  Turn out the lights, the party is over!  This was their final match and it's sad to think the seniors may never pay polo together again.

Day 309- Thursday, 11/5/15
Look who came to dinner!  Now that polo is officially over and there is no more practice Tyler can eat dinner with the rest of us on week nights.  This frees up a lot of time for him which is great because he has college applications to work on.  They are all mostly done except for the personal statements which of course are the hardest and most time consuming.

Day 310- Friday, 11/6/15
It's been awhile since the school has used Buzz Bucks for rewards but they have brought them back and now you can turn them in for a doughnut.  What?!  Brandon was all over that and got his first doughnut reward today.  Way to go buddy.

Day 311- Saturday, 11/7/15
John is making dinner tonight and after a run to Costco so he could stock up on meat he formed these huge burgers to grill for us.  They were great and hit the spot for a perfect Saturday meal.

Day 312- Sunday, 11/8/15
It's another lazy rainy Sunday.  Everyone got off to a slow start and just enjoyed being inside today as it rained and rained outside.  John made us a nice waffle brunch, one of Justin's favorites, and then the boys enjoyed taking in a little of that rain.  Look how green my lawn is again and more snow in the mountains!  Keep it coming.

That's it!  Thanks for stopping by and see you next Tuesday.


  1. Sooo glad you got some rain! I bet you have mixed emotions about water polo being over. Glad you get some more time with your boy home though! We don't have too many more months left with these seniors of ours! Love the fall leave colors and those waffles look yum! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Yay for rain and cooler temps! Those waffles look so good!

  3. That's so wonderful you're getting some rain!! How nice to have Tyler at home in the evenings for dinner now. Sounds like you had a great weekend at home, too -- especially with your hubby doing the cooking!

  4. YAY for rain! I love the sound of rain, especially on chilly evenings where you can stay in and snuggle up on the couch w/ a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. Dreamy!

    That's sad it was Tyler's last get together w/ his polo team. But YAY to having him home more. Now you can spend more time together as a family before he leaves for college. So bittersweet!