Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 50

Happy Tuesday and Happy Holidays!  We are getting closer and closer to Christmas.  This is the last week of school until my kids go on break, and we are all excited about that.  We may even get to go skiing during our time off because there is A LOT of snow in the mountains--yay!  Finally it looks like a decent winter.  Last week involved a lot more Christmas prep and holiday fun.

Take a look:

Day 341- Monday, 12/7/15
Tonight was the water polo end-of-season party.  It's kind of sad to be done, but having Tyler home more and having extra free time sure is nice.  Half this team is graduating which should make things interesting for next year.  I wish them well.

Day 342- Tuesday, 12/8/15
Justin enjoys opening the doors on his advent calendar after school and for some reason as he was doing this today the cat was being super affectionate.  Justin then sat on the floor and Rusty made himself at home on his lap.  It must be the cold weather wanting him to seek out warmth because he's not usually this snuggly.

Day 343- Wednesday, 12/9/15
Ok here's the ugly side of Christmas--all those boxes that are taking over the home office and there are more in the garage and the closet which I can barely open and close right now.  I can't escape them and it drives me nuts.  Our office is a mess, but the rest of the house looks great including the outside with it's pretty holiday lights.

Day 344- Thursday, 12/10/15
This is one of Brandon's favorite chores during the holidays.  He and Justin both enjoy blowing out the advent candles after dinner.  Tonight we got to light 2 which means there are only 2 more weeks until Christmas.

Day 345- Friday, 12/11/15
I met Tyler and Ms. Cisneros after school today to take their picture for Tyler's service project report.  Isn't she the cutest little thing? and she's a wonderful science teacher.  She helped Tyler start a Red Cross club at their school and has also been great in helping him with college applications and letters of recommendation.  I'm glad he has such great role models and support at school.

Day 346- Saturday, 12/12/15
'Tis the season for parties.  Tyler is off at a party for an 18th birthday, and we are here at a holiday party that is also a surprise birthday party for Linda's 50th!  Cheers!

Day 347- Sunday, 12/13/15
Another rainy Sunday.  It seems to always rain on the weekends but we don't mind because it's cozy and warm inside.  Today was the perfect day to start wrapping presents.  Brandon and Justin just finished wrapping their brothers gift to Tyler and everyone is happy to start seeing some love under the tree.

That's it!  Hope your holiday preparations are going well.  See you next week.


  1. Tyler's science teacher looks like she could be a high school student!
    That's great that y'all have lots of snow in the mountains so you can go skiing. Plus, that will help w/ not having a drought next year.

  2. What a great week - your house looks so pretty!
    Enjoy the skiing - send some snow this way this year!!

  3. My kids are a bit obsessed with their advent calendar, and I confess, we're several days ahead of schedule. That chocolate is too tempting! The also fight over who gets to blow out the advent candles after dinner lol. Love how you all are getting into the holiday spirit! The lights on your house look great!