Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week 1

Happy New Year Everyone!  This post will wrap up the last few days in 2015 and start the first few days in 2016.  It will be a big year for us with a lot of change since our oldest is graduating high school and heading off to college.  Great things to come!  Thanks for joining us on this journey and I hope you all have a wonderful year as well.  I can't wait to see what's in store for us.

Take a look at last week's pictures to get a glimpse of how we ended our winter break and got our new year started:

Day 362- Monday, 12/28/15
Sadly it's time to put Christmas away.  The boys were so bummed to see all the festive decorations go, but I'm kinda glad to have things back to normal.

Day 363- Tuesday, 12/29/15
Today we played in the snow.  It's a winter wonderland up in Tahoe and we were lucky enough to catch a great day between storms to enjoy some skiing on fresh, good snow.  It's been awhile, like years, since we had decent snow to ski on and a lot of it.  Keep it coming! Can you spot the wampa that photo bombed us?

Day 364- Wednesday, 12/30/15
John has been a cooking madman over the holidays and decided to move on from smoking salmon to trying a whole turkey.  It took a little longer than expected but turned out great and will feed us for a good week.  I'm all for that!

Day 365- Thursday, 12/31/15
It's New Year's Eve and we decided to celebrate at home with the kids this year which made them happy.  We put out some party food, fired up the chocolate fondue, played some pool, cranked up the tunes, and rang in the new year together as a family.

Day 1- Friday, 1/1/16!!!
Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2016!  We just chilled all day until John banged out an amazing lobster and prime rib dinner for us to enjoy.  For dessert we had an ice-cream sampling bar with different Ben and Jerry's flavors which was a big hit with the boys.  They have never really had Ben and Jerry's before.  Thanks Jen T for the inspiration.

Day 2- Saturday, 1/2/16
Who's ready to see some Star Wars?  My boys are!  I think we are the last ones to see it but it was worth the wait.  We met up with friends and saw The Force Awakens at Studio Movie Grill.  I love their movie themed drinks--so fun, so clever, and so good.  What a great way to end our winter break and start the new year.

Day 3- Sunday, 1/3/16
Back to reality.  The start of the new year means pulling receipts and paperwork together from the past year so we can get ready for taxes.  It's super important to get them done early this year since Tyler is applying for financial aide to help with the ever climbing cost of a college education.  While John did this I worked on the FAFSA application.  Blah!  Maybe this will help make us happy to go back to work tomorrow ;0)

That's it for now.  Winter break is over and we are back to crazy busy schedules.  Talk about hitting the ground running.  Check back next week to see just how crazy our first full week in January was.


  1. It's so crazy to see "Week 1" at the top of your blog post again.
    It feels like I was just reading your "Week 1" post of 2015 a month or two ago!

    I LOVE how you captured the smoke from the grill in the picture of John smoking the turkey. That's great y'all had good snow when you went skiing.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :)

  2. What a busy break and year you will have!!
    You had epic conditions for skiing!!

  3. So glad you did an ice cream buffet! Glad they liked it! That turkey looks yum and your skiing pictures look perfect! We are also doing the taxes and FASFA stuff. ugh. Here we go! Looks like a fun new year! Hope this next year is a great one for you and your family!!!

  4. I hope when my kids are teens, they'll still want to ring in the new year with me and my hubby! Love the fondue idea. We always do it for Valentine's Day, but it would be a lot of fun for NYE too! I'm glad you all got to enjoy some great skiing conditions. Great family selfie! I hope you're all enjoying your first week back to the grind!