Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Week 52

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Ours was just how I like it--nice and mellow with great food and good family time.  I have to make this short because we are heading to the mountains for a ski day.  It's been an amazing winter for us so far and we want to grab a piece of that good fresh snow before we miss it.  Hopefully there will be more to come, but you never know.

Here's a look at our Christmas week:

Day 355- Monday, 12/21/15
This afternoon the boys worked together decorating a gingerbread house.  They may have eaten a piece of candy or two but most of it made it on the house.

Day 356- Tuesday, 12/22/15
It's dark and gloomy out so the lighting in this shot is awful, but it's the only picture I took today so it will have to do.  In order to get these boys out of the house for a bit we decided to have lunch at In-N-Out.  Unfortunately, everyone else had that same idea which meant there was no place to sit so we brought it home.  Love their holiday bags--so festive.  The burgers aren't too bad either ;0)

Day 357- Wednesday, 12/23/15
Scout, our elf, was wanting us to bake today so bake we did. Justin was eager to help which I love. The house was filled with the best smell and the holiday treats tasted great.  It was also nice to have the oven on for extra warmth during these cold days at home. 

Day 358- Thursday, 12/24/15
Happy Christmas Eve!  As per tradition we made pizza pies for dinner.  They were warm and delicious, and the boys did an amazing job putting them together.  After dinner and a quick drive around the neighborhood to look at lights we let the boys open one gift.  Of course they were super excited and ready for bed early.  Last sleep before Christmas!

Day 359- Friday, 12/25/15
Merry Christmas!  Once the Santa gifts were claimed and breakfast was had, Bella got tired waiting for us to open the rest of the presents under the tree and couldn't stop yawning.  We all took turns opening our gifts and had a really nice morning before the kids took off to play with their new stuff.  The PS4 and flat screen tv for the playroom were a hit.

Day 360- Saturday, 12/26/15
Justin had tennis practice this morning which was the perfect opportunity to try out his new racket.  He won all his matches so that's a good sign it will work well for him.  He's very picky! Then while collecting laundry to be washed I noticed Tyler had lined up his hat collection on the head board of his bed.  He's got a couple new ones now and is becoming quite the hat connoisseur.

Day 361- Sunday, 12/27/15
Yay for sunny days and toys that get them outside playing.  Brandon is enjoying his new RC helicopter even though it's taking a lot of practice to get the thing to actually fly.  Good thing he's a good sport and not giving up quickly.

Wait!  One more--

December's Family Photo

Here we are on Christmas morning just before the craziness of unwrapping presents. The calm before the storm ;0)

That's it for now.  Check back next week to see how we end 2015 and start a brand new year!


  1. It looks & sounds like y'all had a fabulous Christmas. How fun that you get to go enjoy the snow in the mountains. I hope y'all have a WONDERFUL New Year. How is it possible that it's almost 2016!?!?! :)

  2. Looks like a lovely Christmas week!! Enjoy the skiing. We just got back fromVT not much yet!!

  3. Love your Christmas family photo! Glad you had a good Christmas! Looks like lots of fun at your house and those peanut butter blossom cookies are soo good! Yum! You have a smart elf :) Hope you have a blessed New year!

  4. I love all your festive photos! Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas week. I can't wait until my kiddos are old enough to successfully decorate a gingerbread house! We tried making Christmas trees out of ice cream cones and frosting, but I might as well have just given them the frosting and a big spoon. It made for some cute photos though. I hope you all have a great time skiing!! Happy New Year!