Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 4

Welcome back! Here we are at Tuesday again.  Looks like we'll actually have a full dry week.  The fog is our only issue until the weekend when the rain returns.  I have to say that our winter so far has been wonderful and I do hope it keeps up.  It was so great to see all the pretty white snow in the Sierras this past weekend.  It reminds me of the good old days and we need even more of that.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 18- Monday, 1/18/16
It's Martin Luther King holiday and the kids and I are home.  I love that it's a Monday and I can have a slow start with my morning coffee in my pjs instead of at work on my break. We did pretty much nothing all day and it felt good.

Day 19- Tuesday, 1/19/16
Not exactly how I pictured this day happening.  First it was miserable out with A LOT of rain and high winds making my commute sketchy.  This is the type of day when you would really like to stay home. Too bad the storm hit a day late.  Then on the first day back to school for the new semester Justin came home sick with a sore throat, slight fever, feeling faint and nauseous.  He was supposed to have tennis conditioning this afternoon but slept through it instead which is what he needed.  Poor thing. 

Day 20- Wednesday, 1/20/16
But look!  He bounced right back ;0)  Justin is feeling much better today and actually had a good time at tennis conditioning.  He just got home and is ready for dinner.  Love to see him smile.

Day 21- Thursday, 1/21/16
Sadly whatever Justin brought home I now have and the timing is impeccable.  We're packing and getting ready to head to the mountains for my birthday ski weekend and I really don't want to be sick and feeling like this.  I'm hoping I can bounce back as quickly as Justin did but that never seems to happen in adults.  Come on immune system--do your thing! 

Day 22- Friday, 1/22/16
Hello from Tahoe!  We are staying in the Northstar Village and tonight I celebrate my birthday with my wonderful family.  Thankfully most of today's storm was warm with rain for almost our entire drive up so we didn't have to deal bad road conditions.  It will snow tonight for fresh powder tomorrow-yes! Best birthday present ever :0)

Day 23- Saturday, 1/23/16
It's a ski day in winter wonderland.  The snow was perfect and the crowds weren't too bad for a Saturday.  It snowed with flurries on and off all day and the sun made it out a few times as well.  It was a great day.

Day 24- Sunday- 1/24/16
Before heading home we found a place for the kids to play in the snow.  They always have such a great time with the snowball fights and sledding.  Look how pretty the trees are dusted with snow.  I wish we could stay longer but it's time to head back to reality.

Wait! One more:

January's Family Picture

Of course we had to snap a shot on our winter trip enjoying the snow in Tahoe.

Now I'm done.  Thanks for stopping by.  See you next Tuesday in February!


  1. Happy birthday to you!!!!!
    Tahoe looked SO fun!

  2. Happy Birthday!! How cool to get to celebrate in Tahoe! Looks like a lovely time! Glad you all got over the sickness in time. Great January family photo!

  3. I'm over 2 weeks late, but ♪ ♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! ♪ ♫ It looks like you recovered from the sickness that Justin brought home.
    I'm glad you were able to enjoy your ski trip together as a family. :)