Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week 5

Welcome back and happy February!  We are 1/12 of the way through the new year.  I think I blinked and January flew by.  This year is going to be insane that way.  Last week was pretty mellow.  Some of us were still fighting sickness so we tried to keep it chill.  Don't get me wrong, there was still plenty going on but certain things just had to slide for the betterment of the peeps.

Take a look at last week:

Day 25- Monday, 1/25/16
We ditched the rain for the fog.  This is the view out my 5th floor lab window at 10am--pretty much just a white wall. Thankfully it clears for the afternoon and the sun comes out.  The X-Files are back!  John and I used to watch this show regularly back in the day.  Today was the second episode but I had to record it because I was stuck in a 3 hr Booster Board meeting while it aired.

Day 26- Tuesday, 1/26/16
The kids crack me up with this dog.  Each has their own "Bella time" ritual with her after they get home from school.  Luckily they all get home at different times so it's staggered and she's not bombarded with crazy boys, although, I don't think she would mind either way.  As long as she gets attention and food she is good.

Day 27- Wednesday, 1/27/16
I spied a some blooming flowers on a bush or two out front.  I do love winter but it's also nice to see signs of spring every now and then that tell me it won't last forever. It was a beautiful day and evening. I was out at the high school for open house after dinner and enjoyed the calm, warm weather.  Fear not- it won't last.  The next system starts to move in tomorrow.

Day 28- Thursday, 1/28/16
Yep- today is cold and dreary.  I had to break out a sweater, the cat needed to cuddle for warmth, and the blue skies are now grey.   It's still winter for sure which is fine because we need more rain and snow.

Day 29- Friday, 1/29/16
It rained good and hard and was cold out so when we got home from school we turned on the fire to help us dry off and warm up.  As you can see Brandon is having his after-school "Bella time." :0)  My head cold and cough which I thought I had kicked took a turn for the worse last night. Thank goodness it's Friday so I can hunker down and rest up in my cozy home.

Day 30- Saturday, 1/30/16
We thought we'd get more rain today but it was mostly just threatening thunder clouds.  Justin had tennis this morning and then after we hit the store to restock the pantry.  As usual he got stuck and mesmerized by the donuts in the bread aisle.

Day 31- Sunday, 1/31/16
This is a typical Sunday dinner especially on a cold and windy day.  My boys love their wings and their ice-cream especially ice-cream with brownies.  Yum!

That's it for January!  Check back next week to see how February kicks off.


  1. I had my dose of wings this week - roasted with paprika, mm!
    That is insane fog and so sweet how much the boys love Bella!

  2. The photo of the trees in their winter starkness -- lovely. It's fun to see your family and the kitty and Bella!

  3. Ice cream with brownies is just the best--especially if they are warm brownies. I can't believe you have some flowers blooming! So pretty! Sorry to hear you have been sick. Hopefully you all get well soon!

  4. I love that each of your boys have their own Bella time ritual. It's so sweet how much they all love her. Almost makes me want to get a dog of my own;) That Sunday night dinner looks pretty amazing! My hubby would go nuts over those wings.

  5. I LOVE your shot of the fog and the shot of the tree.
    Your photography always looks so amazing! :)