Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 8

Welcome back!  It's yet another Tuesday and the sun is shinning so it should be a good week.  Tennis matches for Justin have officially started so we'll be at the courts every MWF.  Yikes!  Swim for Tyler is much more relaxed with only one swim meet a week.  That's more my pace.  Too bad Justin hates swim.  Oh well, it's better he does his own thing anyway.  On a happier note Tyler got another college acceptance by e-mail Monday morning to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  Yay!  My brother went there and it's a great school in a wonderful location--right near the beach which is perfect for my boy.  It's nice to finally have another offer but still waiting to hear from more Calif schools.

Now for last week's pictures:

Day 46- Monday, 2/15/16
Cheers to President's Day!  The 4-day weekend was so wonderful and I'm winding it down with a nice bottle of wine before heading back to crazy tomorrow ;0)

Day 47- Tuesday, 2/16/16
I'm seeing too many of these on my walks with the dog lately.  They should be more of a March thing.  We really need winter to last a bit longer but spring just can't wait here.  At least there is a storm due in tomorrow. 

Day 48- Wednesday, 2/17/16
The new season of Survivor started tonight and the older boys got home just in time to have dinner and then join the rest of us for the premier.  It's been a show we have watched as a family since Tyler was a baby. Look at him now!  Even Bella joined the fun.  Tonight's ear worm scene put us all on edge.  LOL! What a way to start.

Day 49- Thursday, 2/18/16
The last couple days have been filled with huge storm clouds and lots of heavy rain which is great.  It was even cold enough to dump more snow in the mountains.  We need as much as we can get!  Look at those rain clouds this evening as the sun sets behind our house.  At least it made for a nice walk-- warm with a light mist and some pretty colors in the sky.

Day 50- Friday, 2/19/16
John is out of town for some skiing with the guys--gotta catch that the fresh powder--so Brandon and I picked up Taco Bell for dinner just before the older two made it home from sports practice.  Then we watched the Goosebumps movie together which was fun on a cold and gloomy night.

Day 51- Saturday, 2/20/16
Justin!  He's my enviro kid--loves all things plant and animal.  Even after the wind and rain we still have blossoms on our tree out front and many other plants in full bloom.  My yard is coming alive and it's fun to watch.  Justin was happy to pose for me by the blossoming tree before heading to tennis practice this morning.  He also finally sent me these pictures from his farm to fork class.  They had a field trip last week to a sustainable farm with chickens and they also got to raise baby chicks in class for a couple weeks.  He's loves it and while his pictures aren't that great I love them because they are so him ;0)

Day 52- Sunday, 2/21/16
It's a quiet Sunday with mostly chores going on which is good for Brandon because he has this book to finish before tomorrow.  Thank goodness he's almost there.  It's the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and it just so happened that the movies from the earlier books were playing on the Disney Channel after he finished.  He's seen the movies before but they mean so much more to him after actually reading the books.  It's great when they discover that!

That's it for now.  See you next week.


  1. Look at the tree in bloom! Congrats to Tyler!!

  2. Congrats for Tyler! Love the blooms, and not excited about the dandelion! Those are my least favorite and invade our yard like crazy! Glad you got some relaxing time in! Hope you have a great week!

  3. That's so cool that you have the Survivor watching tradition. I bet there aren't too many shows that you all can enjoy. Congrats to Tyler on another college acceptance! So exciting!