Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Week 9

Welcome back and happy Tuesday or should I say happy March!  March will be a busy month but at least spring break is around the corner.  Only 3 more weeks!  We're planning on touring some colleges to help Tyler with his decision.  Friday he got accepted to Syracuse University in New York state.  Yikes!  John and him will fly out and visit towards the end of break after a quick road trip visiting some more local schools.  Fun times and so exciting to have some good options.  

Now for last week's pictures-

Day 53- Monday, 2/22/16
 High school tennis matches have started and Justin is doing really well and making a lot of new friends so I think this will work for him.  He's most certainly less stressed than he was last semester and I really think participating in a sports has helped with that.  We'll be spending many afternoons here at the courts.

Day 54- Tuesday, 2/23/16
It's a good thing the older two don't get home to do homework until later because Brandon likes to spread out while doing his and can monopolize an entire table.  I think he was trying organize.  LOL!

Day 55- Wednesday, 2/24/16
 All that stuff on the table you saw yesterday has to fit into his backpack.  He's been complaining about how heavy it is and  actually weighed it today.  It's just over 20 lbs which makes me cringe.  Poor kids!  This is so not good for them.  We tried rolling backpacks but they aren't much better because they have to twist their back to reach and pull all this weight.  There's got to be a better way.  Maybe less homework would help?

Day 56- Thursday, 2/25/16
I'm currently working on shedding the winter fluff.  It's time to tone up and get in shape for spring and summer.  The hardest part is finding the time to squeeze it in but whatever I can fit in is better than nothing so I'm going to just keep plugging along and hope it helps.

Day 57- Friday, 2/26/16
TGIF!  Brandon helped me pick up some groceries for the weekend.  It's not a chore he likes to do especially right after school but he was very helpful and great about it today so I rewarded him with a Starbucks treat once we were done. 

Day 58- Saturday, 2/27/16
It's like spring here so John is taking full advantage of the nice weather and doing some serious grilling this weekend.  The weather just makes you want to be outside.  I also got some good yard pruning in and the kids did a lot of active things like ride bikes and shoot hoops--so much more fun than cleaning house.

Day 59- Sunday, 2/28/16
Girl Scout cookies are back and the boys are thrilled.  Tyler's favorite is the Thin Mints and Justin's is the Caramel deLites and we all love the Peanut Butter Patties.  The only downside is the low number of cookies in each box.  With 3 growing boys these boxes will be gone in the blink of an eye.

Wait!  One more:

February's Family Photo

 True to form this was taken on nearly the last day of the month.  It would have been the last day had it not been for leap year!  I bribed the kids with those Girl Scout cookies and herded them out on the front porch ;0)

Ok that's it.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.


  1. Yay for Syracuse!! What an exciting time!

  2. Exciting about Syracuse! Hope the college visits go well and help him decide. We love girl scout cookies too, and totally agree there are just not enough in a box. They are gone so quickly. Love your family photo and your spring weather! Hope you have a great week!

  3. Andrea, you and your beautiful family are just a shining example of what family life should and could be in these United States.

  4. Wow! Syracuse!I know that would be hard on mama, but congrats to Tyler on another acceptance! We just got our Girl Scout cookies last week too, and went through them far too quickly! I'm with Justin on the Caramel deLites, although they're called Samoas here. Didn't realize there were different names. Interesting!