Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week 14

Hi there and happy Tuesday!  It feels like spring here and is very buggy.  What a bad year for mosquitoes!  Swarms and swarms of them just hatched out there and it's disgusting.  I'm hoping the numbers die off soon and we can get back to enjoying the great outdoors.  As usual things are busy especially since we are now in the last 2 months of school.  May is going to be super crazy so I'm trying to just enjoy a somewhat slower April.  No swim team for the younger boys this year and no karate in April so that will help!

Here's a look at last week:

Day 88- Monday, 3/28/16
Spring break is over so it's time to take back to the books.  Brandon is doing some math homework and is happy that is all he has for today.

Day 89- Tuesday, 3/29/16
My roses out back are starting to bloom bringing in some nice color to the yard, and Justin brought home some carrots grown in the garden at school by his farm to fork class.  He's loving all the little surprises that garden brings them.

Day 90- Wednesday, 3/30/16
Today was a happy mail day.  Tyler received his Red Cross cords for completing the high school leadership program and welcome packets came from Cal and UCLA.  We're headed to LA to visit a couple more schools soon and then it's decision time.

Day 91- Thursday, 3/31/16
Happy 15th birthday Justin!  How can he be 15?  That seems so much older than 14 but he's still not too old to give his mom a little sugar.  We had a quick celebration tonight with cake and will go out to dinner Saturday when we have more time to honor him.

Day 92- Friday, 4/1/16
Welcome to April!  These are my April fools right here helping me with the monthly marker.   Bella's birthday is in April so we had to get her in the shot with her biggest fan ;0)

Day 93- Saturday, 4/2/16
We went out to dinner at Chicago Fire as per Justin's request, and these two were keen to keep an eye on the final four basketball game.  Tyler's number one pick, Syracuse, is playing John's number one pick, North Carolina, right now!  Soon after we got home John's team won to move on to the championship game and Tyler's team is now done. He was bummed but they had a good run and he enjoyed every bit of it.

Day 94- Sunday, 4/3/16
Justin is happy to be sporting one of his new hats today.  John took him out to pick up a couple hats for a birthday present.  Now we can toss the ratty old one he's been living in that I hate. It's too small for him anyway so yep, it's gotta go!

That's it for now.  See you next week.


  1. What a cool cake for Justin's birthday!
    Did you make that!?!?! If so, I'm super impressed ... especially with the tennis racket.

    What a BEAUTIFUL yellow rose! I LOVE Spring!!!

  2. 15!?! Wow!! He is suddenly looking so mature and grown up! Have a great week!

  3. Happy Birthday, Justin!! I can't believe he's 15 either! Looks like a fun week celebrating. Can't go wrong with pizza! That cake is crazy cool, too! Love that he's so into tennis.

  4. Love the roses and the carrots! Happy 15th! 15 does seem old, but love his picture where he is giving you a kiss! Congrats to Tyler and good luck making that important decision! Big, very important choices to make!!!