Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 13

Welcome and happy Tuesday!  We're back on track here after last week's break.  What a crazy, fully packed, but fun-filled time we had.  This week is super busy too but what else is new?

Here are last week's pictures from our spring break adventures:

Day 81- Monday, 3/21/16
Today we toured Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  What a great little school.  "Learn by Doing" is their motto and they gave plenty of great examples to prove it.  I'm pretty sure this one will make the short list.  After that we hit the beach one last time as the younger kids requested before taking to the road again.  Santa Cruz, here we come.

Day 82- Tuesday, 3/22/16
What a gorgeous day in Santa Cruz!  We lucked out on the weather for this trip.  First up was a tour of the campus which is pretty much in a redwood forest.  It's amazing and feels like an Ewok village with it's bridges that connect the buildings through the trees.  It also has a great view of the ocean out by the recreation center and pool.  Sadly, Tyler didn't like the feel of being lost in the trees so this one is off the list which is exactly why we visit. After our tour we headed to the San Jose area and visited the Winchester Mystery house for some fun.  Brandon, my architectural nut, was absolutely in his element and loved it.  We all thought it was pretty cool.

Day 83- Wednesday, 3/23/16
Stanford is our last stop before heading home.  The mission style buildings and amazing grounds make this place feel really special.  Tyler particularly like their amazing aquatic center and Brandon marveled at the European-style cathedral church.  They've also got a great approach to learning by doing.  There's a really nice vibe here.  It was the a perfect place to end our trip.  Time to head home!

Day 84- Thursday, 3/24/16
Tyler was only home overnight before heading out super early with John to fly across the country and visit Syracuse.  Here at home it was such a nice day that I carelessly did some damage to the second toe on my right foot trying to open a window to let some spring air in.  Ouch!  It only got prettier in color as the days went on.

Day 85- Friday, 3/25/16
It's dark and wet in Syracuse but there is no snow.  John and Tyler toured the campus, visited the student run ambulance service, and then caught the Syracuse game in a local hot spot.  Tyler was thrilled to see his team make it to the elite eight and cheer them on with dedicated local fans.  I'm pretty sure that was the highlight of his trip.  At home we continued some spring break fun by seeing the Batman vs Superman movie that was just released.

Day 86- Saturday, 3/26/16
Time to say good-bye to Syracuse and start the journey home.  It's quite a long flight and they had two stops which made it even longer.  The travel issues may be the main reason Syracuse might not make the final cut.  We'll see.  Back at home the younger boys colored eggs for Easter .  Yep, that's right--Easter is tomorrow!

Day 87- Sunday, 3/27/16
Everyone is back home and we are enjoying a nice quiet Easter together.  I hope you all had a great holiday as were able to celebrate with good family and friends.

Wait!  One more:

March's Family Photo

This was taken Easter Sunday on a very fine spring day.

Ok!  That's it.  I hope to see you all next week.


  1. Ouch!! Your poor toe! Hope it heals quickly! What a great week with all the college touring. That's nice that you were able to fit in some fun, too! Looks like you all had a wonderful Easter with everyone back at home. Great family photo, as always!

  2. Looks like awesome college tours! Best of luck to him as he chooses! It is such an important choice! Hope your toe gets better soon! What did you think about the Batman/Superman movie? And those Easter cinnamon rolls love yummy! Did you make them? Love your family photo! Glad you had a good spring break! Now we start the final countdown! Crazy! 9 weeks of school left here.

  3. What gorgeous college locations! The one in the trees sounds amazing, but glad he got to see it wasn't for him!

  4. OUCH! That toe looks painful. Is it still that colorful or has it returned to normal colors? That's awesome that y'all were able to go on all those college tours to really see if that's what Tyler wants. Choices, choices ...