Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 16

Happy Tuesday!  We have spring weather back and are enjoying it.  I even made it out back this weekend to pull weeds and prune the yard.  It's not a fun job but it is nice to be outside in perfect weather.  It's time to get that yard back in shape so we can enjoy it for the summer. 

Here's a look at other things that happened last week:

Day 102- Monday, 4/11/16
With all the rain we've had so far it's nice to see that the grass most of us lost last summer bounced back and recovered nicely.  We are enjoying the green season while we can and sadly know it may not last.

Day 103- Tuesday, 4/12/16
The pretty plants around the pool are in full bloom and add some nice contrasting color to the blue water in the pool.  I love seeing the yard come alive and it's nice how it does so in stages. On another note poor Brandon is home eating dinner without his brothers most days.  They have sports practice until late and his little tummy just can't wait.  I usually feed him while I'm working in the kitchen to make lunches for the next day so he at least has someone to chat with.  Tonight was taco Tuesday.  He likes the soft ones best and I like our little chats ;0)

Day 104- Wednesday, 4/13/16
Here's my teen all sprawled out on the couch watching the final Warriors game with John and Brandon.  This team made history tonight breaking the record set by the Chicago Bulls for the most wins in one season.  Steph Curry rocks and broke a few records of his own.  On to the playoffs--it never ends people!

Day 105- Thursday, 4/14/16
Time to pick up this nut from tennis practice.  Sometimes he rides home with Tyler but sometimes he gets out early and needs a pick up.  He loves the shorter days because dinner comes sooner and there is more time to get homework done before his favorite TV shows.  He's into comedies these days and is working on becoming a prankster himself.

Day 106- Friday, 4/15/16
After a couple windy and cold days the weather is turning nice again and I've found some new flowers in the side yard.  It's actually a jungle out there and this weekend, since I'll be home, I'm going to tackle all things gone wide.  Wish me luck!

Day 107- Saturday, 4/16/16
These two have been playing basketball a lot on weekends but usually by themselves or with other people.  Today I found them actually playing together which is great to see.  It was pretty warm out so they got hot and tired really quick but still had fun.  Later it was still warm so I opened the screen door to let some fresh air and the evening breeze in.  Rusty who loves sitting by open doors and windows found a new friend.  This blue bird was squawking at him as he watched intently. The poor indoor kitty wants to play with that bird!

Day 108- Sunday, 4/17/16
Garden wars!  I'm not sure who won--me or the plants.  They sure gave me a run for my money but at least the yard is starting to look better. Yep!--not quite done yet.  I got through about 1/2 the back in two days so I'll be back at it next weekend.  Lucky me.  At least after all the hard work there was a great Sunday meal waiting for me.  Love the look on their faces, especially Tyler's--not another picture, mom!  I just want to eat--LOL! 

That's it for now.  I hope to see you all back next week.


  1. So cool the Warriors hit the record! Your fuzzy red plant is awesome!

  2. I can relate to the yard winning the war at my house. Spring has sprung and there is sooo much to do! Love all the color you have in your yard, though! Love your Taco Tuesday dinner and chats! Have a great week!

  3. Garden Wars ... that's funny!
    Your red & purple flowering plants in the back yard are BEAUTIFUL!
    I like that idea of a Taco Tuesday tradition. :)