Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 17

Welcome back and happy Tuesday.  We have a super busy week ahead with something going on every evening.  If it's not tennis, it's swim or a board meeting, or work event, or awards ceremony.  The good news is that swim is almost over, tennis won't be long to follow, and school it close to being out for the summer.  One more month!!  Can't wait!

Take a look at the relatively slow week we had last week:

Day 109- Monday, 4/18/16
What!  Nothing going on this afternoon.  Someone pinch me.  This means more time to pester the cat.  He was sitting with me on my lap until I brought out the camera and then he decided he'd rather be in the background ;0) 

Day 110- Tuesday, 4/19/16
Tyler is grabbing a quick snack before heading to swim practice and also super focused on his phone.  Bella is hoping he drops something or maybe even shares. Goldfish crackers are his go to snack right now and Bella approves.

Day 111- Wednesday, 4/20/16
What's for dinner tonight?  Penne pasta in vodka sauce with chicken and jack cheese.  A slower week with less activities means I actually have time to cook.  What a concept!

Day 112- Thursday, 4/21/16
Here we go--now the afternoon activities pick up.  Today it's tennis for Justin.  I haven't seen him play in a real match for awhile.  He's really improved, is more confident, and is working the strategy with his ball placement.  Go Justin!

Day 113- Friday, 4/22/16
Today Tyler is swimming in the rain.  It came down good and hard for a bit but then the clouds parted and we were treated with a beautiful double rainbow.  One more week of swim and then that's it for Tyler's high school sports career.  Wow!  Swim season flew by!

Day 114- Saturday, 4/23/16
What did I say before--free time means more time to torment the cat.  LOL!  Poor thing gets more attention than he probably wants.  I love how his tail is wrapped around Justin's leg.  Justin just got home from tennis practice and is trying to relax with Rusty but Rusty is not ready to relax.  He darted away right after this picture and found a a nice hiding spot.

Day 115- Sunday, 4/24/16
The Warriors are playing in the NBA Championship series over the next couple months.  Brandon asked for a Warriors hat so he could support them and recently had a great report card so John took him out today to find a hat.  He's thrilled and has been wearing it ever since.

That's it. We'll do it again next week.


  1. That rainbow is amazing!!! The pasta looks so cheesy and good!

  2. Amazing rainbow picture! Wow! Enjoy the end of swim season! Your dinner looks yummy! It is nice to actually have time to cook :) Love the comments about free time means pestering the cat :) Have a great week!!