Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week 22

Welcome back.  I hope everyone had a nice long weekend and thanks to all the veterans that gave their lives fighting for our country.  It's Tuesday and the Tuesday of a very special week for us.  Tyler graduates in 2 days!  He's on his senior trip right now, we have family coming into town today, and all kinds of other end-of-school-year events and activities.  Not to mention it's down right hot!  We'll be hitting the century mark this week.  I hope those kids don't melt in their caps and gowns especially the boys who have to wear dress pants, dress shirts, and a tie under all that.  We'll just have to see how it all goes.  

Until then here are last week's pictures:

Day 144- Monday, 5/23/16
Justin had no idea how strong the smell of garlic can be especially fresh picked from a garden.  He picked some in his farm to fork class this afternoon and hasn't been able to get the smell out since.

Day 145- Tuesday, 5/24/16
It's senior awards night so all the Booster's kids got their scholarship and then Tyler received 2 other awards which will help for paying those upcoming college expenses.  John was supposed to be on a business trip but it got moved back one day so we are happy he could make it.

Day 146- Wednesday, 5/25/16
I went to a work BBQ in Davis and Brandon likes to come with me especially to Woutrina's house since she has cats, a very friendly dog, and chickens.  He loves it there and all those animals helped him keep his mind of the pre-teen vaccines he got today and his sore arm.

Day 147- Thursday, 5/26/16
It was another busy and exhausting day so since all the kids were home for dinner which is rare and John is away on business we decided to eat out grabing burgers and shakes at In-N-Out.

Day 148- Friday, 5/27/16
This afternoon was Brandon's end-of-year awards ceremony.  This kid!  He made a paper airplane out of his honor roll award before I could even get a picture and look at that messed up mop on his head.  He'll be getting a haircut this weekend.  His medal is for perfect attendance which also means no tardies to any of his six classes each day for the whole year.  Good job kiddo!

Day 149- Saturday, 5/28/16
I'm was so excited to find some Shasta Daisies at Lowe's for my backyard.  We had these in our yard growing up and I remember my brother brought the first set home as a Mother's Day gift for my mom when he was in kindergarten.  You don't see them around here much so I hope they do well in this valley heat.  Later John grilled some shrimp and tri-tip for dinner as we cheered to the three-day weekend.

Day 150- Sunday, 5/29/16
This is a typical weekend morning with me and my coffee during the quiet early hours and only Justin and the cat up to keep me company.  Everyone else know how to sleep in.  That afternoon as the temps climbed and it got downright hot we officially opened the pool for the season.  Bring on summer--we are ready!

Wait, one more!

May's Family Photo

Taken this weekend while enjoying our backyard.  We love it out here even if it keeps us working hard to maintain it's wonder.

Ok, now we're done.  See you next week on the other side ;0)


  1. Andrea, what a beautiful project you have begun and have kept up with. I'm enjoying your posts and may snatched this idea in the near future. Creativity! Love it.

  2. You guys are so happy and do so much! Enjoy the end of the year and stay cool!!

  3. What a wonderful week w/ the kids getting such great honors.
    That's crazy Tyler is a high school graduate!
    CONGRATS to him and to you & John for raising such a WONDERFUL kid! :)