Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Week 23

We made it past graduation week and are now enjoying the start of summer.  The house is much more relaxed.  Tyler is back to work as a lifeguard and the other 2 have a week to chill before their summer camps start.  It's been super hot so the pool has been in full use to help keep us cool.  This hot weather and pool time actually helps make it feel more like summer.  We're all so happy school is out and summer is here.  Yay!!!

Take a look at our crazy, eventful, and full week last week--prepare for picture overload ;0)

Day 151- Monday, 5/30/16
Happy Memorial Day!  We took time to reflect on those that lost their lives to serve this country and then we enjoyed our free day with some good family time.  Highlights included pool fun, BBQ goodness, and fire pit s'more creations.  The best part was that it didn't seem like a Monday at all.  That's the sign of a good holiday.

Day 152- Tuesday, 5/31/16
My family came to town today for graduation week.  These pictures represent that but were not actually taken on this day.  I was having so much fun enjoying my time with them that I just totally forgot about pictures so these shots were both actually taken on Thursday which was graduation day and as you can imagine I already have too many picture for that day so they'll go here.  My parents and aunt & uncle both are traveling in their RVs on a larger trip but planned it so they could be here in time for the big day.  It was great seeing them and having some good family time together.

Day 153- Wednesday, 6/1/16
Happy June!  The two younger kids got home just in time to help clean up after my cake making.  I let them lick the beaters in exchange for my monthly marker picture and of course they obliged.  Poor Brandon got a little too much sun today at the school's field day.  We all forgot he'd be outside all day and not in the classroom.  Later Justin had his tennis banquet and then we had another large family meal with the relatives.

Day 154- Thursday, 6/2/16
It's Graduation Day!  What an amazing journey it has been and we are so proud of Tyler and all he has accomplished.  Today was a special day celebrated with family and friends.  That last picture sums it up beautifully--a whimsical and magical moment where they are all graduated and headed off to take on the world.  Be still my heart!

Day 155- Friday, 6/3/16
What better way to start off summer break than with National Donut Day?! School is officially out or the summer and today we enjoyed these treats and just chilled at home to decompress from our eventful week.  The extended family has moved on and the only other thing on our plate was a quick trip to the vet for the dog's shots where Brandon was fascinated by the pickled heart full of heart worms.

Day 156- Saturday, 6/4/16
My front flower bed is exploding with these beautiful red and yellow day lilies which is great to see.  They seem to be blooming a little late this year but better late than never.  We also received a shipment of new bedding for the younger boys.  I was shopping for Tyler's college bedding when I found what I needed for the other two.  Go figure!  Don't worry though, I also found something for Tyler to take to school in the fall.  They all really needed new bedding and a fresher look in their rooms.  Now to find the time to actually get the comforters on the bed ;0)

Day 157- Sunday, 6/5/16
On to the next great thing.  These kids and their leader are headed out on an educational tour of Costa Rica and Nicaragua in two short weeks! We met today to go over the last details.  I can't believe it's finally happening. They signed up for the trip 18 months ago and now here we are.  There were 16 kids going back then and today we're down to 4 but that's ok--it will still be amazing and the trip of a lifetime for each of them.  What a week!  Is it really over? Time to take a breath and enjoy the serenity of the pool as I reflect on the past week, the past school year, and heck the past 17 years. Time sure does fly.  Enjoy those young ones while you can because before you know it they'll be preparing to leave the nest.  It's a good thing though, and I'm not sad about it--I'm excited.  I'm excited for what the future holds in the next chapter of my young adult's life.

That's all she wrote.  Check back next week to see how our first week of summer break went. 


  1. Congrats to Tyler! What a milestone! I love the throwback photo of him in his graduation cap in 2003. So cute! Happy summer break! I hope you all are enjoying the downtime before camps.

  2. Major congrats to Tyler! Have a lovely start to summer!!

  3. Happy graduation! You made it though!!! Love the pic of you at the end by the pool. It is a crazy time, but you do need time to reflect and ponder and think, "where did the time go?" It is an exciting time. Hope he enjoys the summer and you get to soak up all that time with him!!! Way to go Mom!!