Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week 25

Happy Tuesday!  It seems like I blink and the next week is already here.  We're expecting triple digits again this week so stay cool out there.  It's been so nice not having to deal with homework and school functions plus we have no swim meets practice this summer which frees our evenings up all our weekends.  Wow! What a treat that has been.  We're still getting used to the new camp schedules during work hours but that won't take much longer especially now that basketball camp is over.

Here are the pictures from last week:

Day 165- Monday, 6/13/16
Brandon has basketball camp with the UC Davis basketball team for the next 4 days so he'll be my carpool buddy.  I had to adjust my work schedule to fit his camp hours which meant going in later and coming home later.  It's the coming home later that's hard.  I miss having those afternoon hours to run errands and prep dinner.  He's excited though and happy to be learning more about basketball from the college pros.

Day 166- Tuesday, 6/14/16
These Lily of the Nile flowers are now blooming in my front yard.  They remind me of exploding fireworks especially how they rise up above all the other plants. We also have some purple ones out back by the pool.

Day 167- Wednesday, 6/15/16
 Justin bikes to tennis club each morning which also just started this week.  He's happy to see a lot of friends there and had some good matches his first couple days.  I'm happy to hear HE finally feels like he is improving.

Day 168- Thursday, 6/16/16
*Blink* and it's the last day of basketball camp already.  The parents got to attend the last 30 minutes to see the kids play some games which was nice.  Brandon learned some new skills and is eager to join a winter league this year and hopefully play on the middle school team.  He's exhausted though.  7 hours of basketball for 4 straight days is A LOT especially for a kid that really only shoots around sometimes.  He pretty much went straight to bed and took a nap when we got home and there we found Justin looking out a window pondering life.  LOL!  He had no tennis today so was home by himself.  At least he snapped out of his trance and proceeded to tell me how he played with the cat all day and went for a bike ride and did some weight lifting to workout.  He cracks me up!

Day 169- Friday, 6/17/16
TGIF!  John got home early and did what he does best on Fridays--mix drinks and mix tunes. We're looking forward to a slow weekend.

Day 170- Saturday, 6/18/16
I was futzing around in the backyard as I often do on weekends when I stumbled upon this beautiful blue dragonfly.  I literally stood up from pulling a weed and saw it right there at eye level as close as could be.  I've always believed dragonflies are a sign of good luck and I'll take it.  Earlier I spent a great deal of time helping Tyler pack for a big international trip and stressing over what he needs and how he'll cope so I needed this.  It will be ok.  He'll be fine and will have blast.  The timing of this beautiful creature in my presence couldn't have been more perfect.  It truly put me at peace--right after I ran for my phone and snapped a picture of course ;0)

Day 171- Sunday, 6/19/16
Happy Father's Day!  The boys and I made John a nice big breakfast in the morning and in the evening we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to have dinner while watching the big game.  Sadly the Warriors could not pull off a win, but we still had a good day and enjoyed our time together.  Later that night (like much later) we dropped Tyler off at the airport for a red-eye flight to Costa Rica.  He'll be there and in Nicaragua for 10 days traveling with a school group for a grand adventure.  Talk about a super long and full day!

Wait!  One more:

June's Family Photo

We had to squeeze this one in early since Tyler is leaving the country today and will not be back until late on June 30th.

Ok!  All done!  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.

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  1. That's a lot of basketball!!
    Hope Tyler has a blast!