Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Week 24

It's Tuesday again and welcome. Last week was pretty low key and relaxing aside from a few appointments I had made months ago popping up on me.  I didn't have a chance to get them on my calendar so thank goodness for reminder calls.  It was a much cooler week too with a good delta breeze blowing in that was greatly appreciated.  This week is the start of tennis club for Justin and basketball camp for Brandon so it's time to shift to a new normal and adjust schedules accordingly.

Here's how last week looked:

Day 158- Monday, 6/6/16
We were on the hunt for some basketball shoes in a particular color, of a certain brand, and in his size.  After 3 stores we finally scored and Brandon found the shoes he'll need for camp next week.  Now he needs to start breaking them in.  They look so big.  I can't believe he wears a men's 7 1/2 now.  My baby is growing up!

Day 159- Tuesday, 6/7/16
Even though school is out we still had the swim banquet to do.  I guess orders for the awards were placed a little late so the items didn't come in until after school was out which is a shame because the majority of the kids could not make it since they were either working or out of town on vacation. Luckily even though Tyler worked today it was an early shift so he was there but was the only senior that could be.  That's so sad.  Look at Nick's dad though.  Haha!  Nick was working so he went up for his son and played the part.  What a ham!

Day 160- Wednesday, 6/8/16
Today was full of those appointments I spoke of (three to be exact) and no good pictures came of that so later I spent some time in the backyard enjoying the new flowers in bloom.  They are all happy we seem to be done with the super hot weather and I'm happy to see more color in my yard again.

Day 161- Thursday, 6/9/16
There is nothing on TV right now except reruns but Justin doesn't mind especially if it's the Big Bang Theory.  That's one of his favorite shows and of course Sheldon is one of his favorite characters.  It's scary how much alike they are!

Day 162- Friday, 6/10/16
The kids were home all week but I had to work so this afternoon I made some time to spend with them. We still needed to celebrate actually being on summer break.  Last week was too busy with graduation to squeeze that in so now will work.  We went out to for frozen yogurt, picked up some pizza for dinner and then watched a movie together.  Yay for summer break!

Day 163- Saturday, 6/11/16
Yesterday was all about kid treats and today it's all about adult treats.  Time for some wine tasting on this perfect weather day with some good friends who came our way to taste locally.  We had a nice picnic at Bogle and then hit up two more places before having dinner at Club Pheasant. 

Day 164- Sunday, 6/12/16
This is pretty much what my Sundays are all about.  At least summer laundry is usually lighter with less loads.  The clothes are smaller and not as many layers. We also decided that since it's cooled a bit we need to put the solar blanket back on the pool to warm it before the next big heat wave which is coming soon.  

That's it--nice and simple and slow.  So much easier than a school week ;0)


  1. What a busy week of summer! I love the Big Bang, too!

  2. Don't you just love summer and the schedule? Glad you got to celebrate with the kids and adults. The flowers in your yard are beautiful! Hope you continue to enjoy the summer!!