Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 27

Welcome back and happy July.  Really? It's July?!  Wow!  I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Ours was nice and relaxing and much cooler than it has been so pretty wonderful all around.  We're happy to have Tyler back and are looking forward to a short week before starting our family summer trip.  Never a dull moment.

Until then, here's a look at last week's pictures:

Day 179- Monday, 6/27/16
Justin's  favorite thing after spending a few hours at tennis club is to unwind playing his video games.  This is where I can find him most afternoons.  Meanwhile down in Central America Tyler and his group have crossed the border into Nicaragua where they will spend the next few days.  They were happy to see the ocean and find this beautiful beach near Grenada.

Day 180- Tuesday, 6/28/16
Our heatwave continues and of course the afternoons are the worst so we find different ways to cool down.  Today we busted out our favorite popsicles called OutShine--100% juice and oh so good.  Tyler is also experiencing warmer weather and finally seeing blue skies and more sunshine.  Today they toured Grenada by horse drawn carriage and then headed out on Las Isletas (Lake Nicaragua) for a boat excursion where they saw some wild howler monkeys.  You can see one on the rocks just to the left of the group.

Day 181- Wednesday, 6/29/16
Work, work, and more work.  Summers are always the busiest in the lab, but I don't mind because we usually have the most interesting projects going on then.  I am trying to tie up a few loose ends before heading out on a week long vacation.  Speaking of vacation this is the last touring day for Tyler's group on their trip.  It was pretty windy and rainy on their hike this morning in Masaya Volcano National Park so they didn't stay long but as you can see still had great fun.  They also hit up the craft markets and later went to a local school to donated some supplies for them.  Tyler said the kids were super excited to have visitors.

Day 182- Thursday, 6/30/16
It's an exciting day.  My boy is coming home and it's hard to wait all day for his return, but I distracted myself this afternoon and evening by walking the dog and taking some pictures of the pretty wild sunflowers that are growing all over our area.  Nothing says summer quite like a pretty sunflower.  Tyler's group started home at 3 am this morning, made back to the states around 9 am, and then had a 7 hour layover in Texas--ouch!  But by late evening they were finally all home in Sacramento and we were all really happy to have them back.  What a great experience they had.  I'd like to thank Lindsay, Brett and Tyler for keeping me happy by sending pictures throughout their journey and also Donna for keeping me well informed.

Day 183- Friday, 7/1/16
It's July 1st!  Brandon is chilling in the pool with his new donut floaty and agreed to hold my monthly marker since July is his birthday month.  I also got to look through Tyler's stuff from is trip.  I should have taken a picture of all the laundry that exploded in his room after unpacking but I forgot.  He didn't bring back many souvenirs but did get some new stamps in his passport, some coffee with a mug for us, and a $24 pair of Nike shoes from Nicaragua.  LOL!  That is so him and the funniest part is his shoes were missing one lace. At least that's an easy fix.

Day 184- Saturday, 7/2/16
Yay for the weekend and a 3-day weekend at that!  The boys and I made some homemade ice cream to add to our weekend feasting.  We made strawberry, cookies and cream, and chocolate peanut butter cup.  So fresh and so good.

Day 185- Sunday, 7/3/16
Bella is making a new friend.  Justin walked Gracie the neighbor dog while her family is away and I walked Bella.  They were both a little too excited at first but then just clicked and did really well together.  It was hot out though so they needed many shade breaks.

That wraps up another fantastic summer week.  I can't believe there is only this one short week left until our family's summer vacation trip.  By the time we return there will only be 1 month left before school starts again.  Crazy!


  1. What a busy week - so great that Tyler had a fantastic trip! Enjoy the down time before your family trip.

  2. What an amazing trip for Tyler! What a great experience! love the ice cream flavors! Yum! Looks like a great week!