Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week 28

Welcome to Tuesday!  I'll be doing 2 posts today.  This one is for the first full week in July and the next will be for last week.  It's been an eventful couple of weeks as you will see.

Here are Week 28's pictures:

Day 186- Monday, 7/4/16
Happy 4th of July!  We had a nice quiet day at home together with some swimming, great BBQ, and a good refreshing dessert followed by fireworks of course.  I hope everyone else had a wonderful 4th too.

Day 187- Tuesday, 7/5/16
Tyler and Bella both missed each other while Tyler was gone last week but they are making up for lost time.  What will they do when he's gone for longer periods of time away at college?  I suppose we'll all adjust.

Day 188- Wednesday, 7/6/16
It wouldn't be a real summer without a couple of skinned elbows and knees.  Brandon bit it on his scooter coming home from camp today and really did a number on himself.  One of his knees also looks pretty bad.  Ouch!

Day 189- Thursday, 7/7/16
At the beginning of each month the liquid nitrogen tanks at work that hold all our isolates have to be topped off.  We have three large tanks so it takes awhile.  I've got to get this done before leaving on vacation at the end of the week.  Later at home Brandon had a migraine episode which is never fun but we're all actually glad it's happening now since it means he more than likely will not have one on our trip.  Vacations and travel are one of his triggers.

Day 190- Friday, 7/8/16
Time to pack.  We'll be gone for 7 days so that's a lot of clothes with 5 people especially since we'll need layers and extra sets in case things get wet.  This is about half of what we'll be taking.  Still more packing to do and the pets know suitcases mean bad things so they are antsy and nervous right now.

Day 191- Saturday, 7/9/16
Today we drove to LA and got here at Disneyland around lunch time.  Sadly it's over crowded and the boys are less than thrilled with the line waits, but we quickly figured out the fastpass system which made all the difference in the world.  The rest of the day went great.  We spent most our time in California Adventure but later made our way to Disney taking in all the Star Wars stuff. So much walking!  My feet hurt and it's only day one.

Day 192- Sunday, 7/10/16
On this gorgeous day we spent most our time in Disneyland and got here early enough to enjoy the park before the masses showed up.  I love that tea cup picture especially since you can also see John and Tyler in a cup behind us.  That was totally not planned but a happy accident.  It got rather hot today so we were happy to find Dole Whips.  The last time we had those was in Hawaii--so good and so refreshing.  Once it got dark we headed back to California Adventure to ride some of our favorites at night.  We all love the Tower of Terror and this picture they snapped as we dropped turned out great.  Brandon and Tyler were competing for best pose on all the picture rides which was fun to watch.  Me, I'm just trying to survive and can never figure out when the pictures are being taken.  LOL!

That's it for this week.  It's pretty exciting to be starting our vacation and we look forward to more fun.

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  1. Those poor elbows!! Hope he's healed. Disney Land sounds so fun!