Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 30

Happy Tuesday!  This will seem like a super boring week after the last couple but we're getting back into our normal summer routine.  Stay cool everyone.  It seems like the whole US is going through a heat wave including us.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 200- Monday, 7/18/16
Justin is headed back to tennis.  He was excited until he realized that an entire week without practice made things a little rough.  Give him a couple days and he'll bounce back.

Day 201- Tuesday, 7/19/16
For Brandon it's back to karate for at least a couple weeks anyway and then they take a month long break in August to adjust to going back to school which is nice.  These are the current brown belts sitting before you.

Day 202- Wednesday, 7/20/16
Tyler has been working hard as a lifeguard since our return.  So many long days with double shifts but he's ok with that. Bella wishes he'd spend a little more time after work with her and instead of with his phone ;0)

Day 203- Thursday, 7/21/16
Today as I walked the dog I spotted this heart shaped knot in a local tree.  I'm also loving the textures going on here.  Nature is amazing!

Day 204- Friday, 7/22/16
Brandon is always ready to give Bella lots of attention when he gets home from camp and she soaks it right up.  She's more than happy to have her family and our routine back.  The neighbors are happy too because she's not complaining at night anymore.  She howls in disrepair when we aren't home for the evening and I guess the last few nights of our trip were pretty bad.  She also scratched up her nose trying to escape her dog run.  I guess we'll have to make a few adjustments for the next time we'll be away like maybe a padded sound-proof cell ;0)  Poor puppy.

Day 205- Saturday, 7/23/16
It's watermelon season and Justin loves watermelon.  He'd eat a whole one by himself if I let him.  He's got to wait to dig into this plate though because we are having people over so it's really for them.

Day 206- Sunday, 7/24/16
It's not so much a day of rest for this guy.  More work and an early start for Tyler today, but at least he'll be home just in time for dinner.  He also brought home a nice little recognition note.  Those are some really kind words and something he should be very proud of.  Last year he didn't like giving swim lessons but this year he's enjoying being more engaged and loves how they make the time go by faster than just guarding people in the pool. It's so funny how his water polo name has carried through to other aspects of his life.  Will he forever be known as Eggnog?

That's it for now.  It was a pretty mellow week.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.


  1. I love how active your kids are! I can totally demolish a watermelon on my own too (I go through one a week!)

  2. What a neat note for Tyler! Love the Eggnog nickname :) also love,love, love the look on Justin's face with the watermelon! Yum! so cute! Stay cool and have a great week!