Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week 31

Welcome back and happy Tuesday plus happy August!  It's the last month of summer :0( I'm not ready for school to start up again.  The break has been nice but not long enough.  At least Tyler gets a longer summer this year.  No classes for him until late Sept. The rest of them will just have to make the most of the couple weeks they have left but it's slipping away so fast.

Here are last week's pictures (another slow and uneventful week but a super hot one):

Day 207- Monday, 7/25/16
Take a look at how our week will be shaping up.  Nothing but triple digits.  I have a feeling the AC will be working overtime and our pool will get some good use.  Doesn't it looks so inviting?

Day 208- Tuesday, 7/26/16
Huge bummer!  The picture on our main TV is all white washed and it's not the cable.  Turns out the mother board is toast.  I tried to make do watching another TV but the seating is just not optimal.  It's going to be a long week without a TV next to the big comfy couch.  We're looking into repair vs buying new.  I hadn't exactly budgeted for a new TV right now especially with college payments coming due right and left.  *sigh*

Day 209- Wednesday, 7/27/16
LOL!  She's posing just like the dog on Brandon's shirt.  He loves this shirt.  It's a little big but he doesn't mind because it remind him of his beloved pup all day when he's away at camp.

Day 210- Thursday, 7/28/16
Just trying to survive this heat.  That's all.

Day 211- Friday, 7/29/16
TGIF!  John headed to the mountains with the guys and Tyler is working so the younger boys and I are enjoying a cool treat because, yes, once again it's crazy hot.  Poor Justin also just got home from a tennis match or two.  Can you imagine how hot those courts must be?  Drumsticks will help us all cool down and kick off the weekend right.

Day 212- Saturday, 7/30/16
It's a lazy Saturday and the cat is taking full advantage of that.  I'm not sure how he can sleep under a blanket in this heat but he'll stay there for hours.  Must be nice!  The rest of us decided to venture out and take in a movie.  It was Brandon's choice since his birthday is tomorrow.  He's really fascinated by the idea of Ghostbusters lately and asked for a Ghostbusters cake and all kinds of Ghostbuster type presents so this movie was fitting.  It was super funny too. We all enjoyed it and now must revisit the original which Brandon has never seen.

Day 213- Sunday, 7/31/16
Happy Birthday Brandon!  It's hard to believe my baby is 12, and I love that even though he's growing up he still enjoys being a big kid at heart.  Today was all about celebrating him.

That's it for this week, and that wraps up yet another month. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next week.

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