Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Week 33

Happy Tuesday!  We had another hot week and it was hard to escape that heat.  It was also our last full week of summer.  School starts for my younger boys tomorrow!  Where did the time go?  It will be weird to send two off to school and still have Tyler home for another month but also good because we get more time with him and can focus on getting him set for departure.  

Here's a look at last week's pictures:

Day 221- Monday, 8/8/16
At summer camp last week Brandon took an advanced robotics class and made this cool dragon that runs across the room, lights up, moves it's head from side to side and so much more.  Pretty cool! and I'm just now getting a look at it since we were in a rush to head out camping Friday when he brought it home.  Super glad he shared it with me today.

Day 222- Tuesday, 8/9/16
It's time for an eye exam just before school starts.  Justin has the same prescription so no new glasses needed.  Good to know nothing's changed since we missed his visit last year.  We were actually hoping he'd grow out of his slight farsightedness but looks like it's here to stay.  He also asked about contacts but decided they sounded like too much work and since he cant even keep his glasses clean I'd say that's a good decision for now.

Day 223- Wednesday, 8/10/16
We've been enjoying watching the Olympics games on our new TV.  The swimming and gymnastics have been fantastic.  The women's water polo is killing it but the men are having a rough go.  We can't wait to follow even more events coming up.

Day 224- Thursday, 8/11/16
I banged out the back-to-school shopping today after work and Justin picked up his high school schedule and got his new ID card for the year.  Brandon gets his schedule for middle school on Monday.  It's hard to believe we are already less than a week away from another school year.

Day 225- Friday, 8/12/16
Our Fridays lately have been jam packed full.  This afternoon Justin had the last of his summer league tennis matches and did great ending with a bang.  I'm not sure how he can play in this heat .  I was literally dripping sweat just watching in the shade.  Later we all headed out to a River Cats game.  John got free tickets from work and was a lot of fun.  It was still super hot out, but we had good seats in the shade and there was a slight breeze so that helped a lot.

Day 226- Saturday, 8/13/16
Tyler and I ran some errands together today.  He really needed a new pair of shoes and flipflops so we found a couple Nike sales.  Those shoes he bought in Nicaragua turned out to be a bust--lesson learned!  We also got a few things for his dorm room and picked out a gift for a friend having a going away party.  He still has a good month before he leaves so we have time to slowly gather more stuff which is nice.

Day 227- Sunday, 8/14/16
It's time for an end of summer movie.  The boys have been waiting for this one to come out.  It's my squad hanging with the Suicide Squad.  Plus they all just got fresh new haircuts. I'm checking things off that back-to-school to-do list as quickly as I can.

Ok that's it!  I'll see you next week as we adjust to a new normal.


  1. That dragon is so cool! Enjoy the last day of summer and the time with Tyler before he departs!!

  2. Our school starts next week too, but Miss Abigail starts college the same time. It is nice you have some extra time with Tyler. Enjoy! Glad you got some good family time in!