Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 34

Welcome to another Tuesday! I'm happy to have that first week back to school out of the way, and feel like the new routine is settling in ok.  Tyler is enjoying not have to be in school just yet while he watches his brothers deal.  Lucky bum--no work during mid-week either for him so at least he got to spend some fun time with his friends especially before one left for school Sunday.  It's been fun this past week seeing those kids on the semester system move into their dorms.  Quarter system kids, you're next!

Here's a look at last week:

Day 228- Monday, 8/15/16
One new Lightsaber wasn't enough. He used some birthday gift cards to buy another of a different color.  This will make his last couple days of summer all the better.

Day 229- Tuesday, 8/16/16
Tyler's summer weekday job at the pool is pretty much over.  For the next few weeks it's only weekends so he naps.  LOL!  I never see him nap.  At least he woke in time to join us for our last day of summer shakes at Whitey's.  They have the best shakes in town with the best flavors.  So long summer break!

Day 230- Wednesday, 8/17/16
It's the first day of the new school year for these two.  Brandon is now in 7th grade and Justin is in 10th.  It feels weird not having Tyler join them.  He still has another month before we ship him off to UCLA.  Good luck boys!

Day 231- Thursday, 8/18/16
This was not the best start to my day--blowing a tire on my way to work--but I survived and now have 4 brand new tires.  Thank goodness for cell phones and AAA!  Speaking of cell phones, later after school, Justin worked on adding his new classes to the remind app.  Technology!  How did we survive back in the day?

Day 232- Friday, 8/19/16
TGIF!  We're still watching the Olympics here which are almost over.  Today the women's water polo team made history bringing home the gold for a second Olympics in a row and dedicated the medals to their coach who suffered a family tragedy just before the games started.  Way to go ladies and cheers to the weekend!  What a super long and overly eventful week. My favorite bartender hooked me up with a yummy lemon drop to kick the weekend off right.

Day 233- Saturday, 8/20/16
It's date night.  We went to Old Sacramento for a nice dinner at Rio City Cafe on the river--just the two us.

Day 234- Sunday, 8/21/16
John spent most the day (actually most the weekend) building a solid fort for the dog's pen in the garage.  The crazy girl has still been getting out with just small fixes here and there so now it's time to get real.  After he finished we went to see a movie.  Jason Bourne was still playing and we had one free movie ticket so score! The best part though was seeing that the dog did not escape while we were gone--she tried but it didn't happen.  Let's hope that holds true for good.

Alright, I'm done for now. Check back next week for more craziness.  Actually, I hope not.  I can use a boring week or two.


  1. So glad you're ok with the tire blow out!!! Happy back to school for the younger two!

  2. Busy week! Crazy about your tire! Glad beginning of school went well with the 2 boys and good that Tyler gets a longer break. Your date night looks wonderful and glad you got the dog pen figured out. That was crazy how he kept getting out! Enjoy your next week!