Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 36

These Tuesdays after a holiday always sneak up on me but hey it's already Tuesday which means a short work week.  I hope everyone had a good long weekend and enjoyed their Labor Day. It sure was a welcomed treat here.  We got a lot of stuff done, watched the start of college football, BBQ'd some ribs and burgers, went out with friends and also found some time to just relax.  We sure could use more 3-day weekends -- like every weekend would do!

Here's a look at last week's pictures:

Day 242- Monday, 8/29/16
Best way to end a Monday--playing around with your pup.  Brandon and Bella are resting after a good game of fetch.  That green octopus is still her favorite thing to chase and in my opinion it's the best dog toy ever because it's stood the test of time.

Day 243- Tuesday, 8/30/16
What?!  He's grilling on a Tuesday?  That's perfect--dinner is served and I didn't have to make it.  The chicken was yummy too and there are leftovers.  Score!

Day 244- Wednesday, 8/31/16
Time for another back-to-school night at Brandon's school this time.  I usually miss this one because it's the same night as the high school's but this year they moved it to a different week. What a concept!  I'm glad I could go too because there are a lot of new teachers I wanted to meet and a lot of changes happening with the way they all teach.  Google classrooms and chrome books are in the works.

Day 245- Thursday, 9/1/16
Happy September ;0)  This is Tyler's month and a big one for him.  He'll be leaving the nest and making a new home at UCLA in exactly 2 weeks and then the following week he turns 18.  We're super excited for him and this new phase in his life.

Day 246- Friday, 9/2/16
Great starts and great endings--that's what today was all about.  TGIF!  The barista at our university coffee place was spreading the love with her cheerful doodles on our cups this morning.  Nadira, my coffee buddy, and I enjoyed the effort.  Then after 3 exams and a super stressful day, Justin was happy to end his week by enjoying a new unlocked level in his game.  He said it ALMOST made up for his trying day.  Plus it's the start of a 3-day weekend so you can't beat that.

Day 247- Saturday, 9/3/16
It was a really pleasant weather day so Brandon and I took the dog for a long, early walk that we all enjoyed.  Later Tyler was happy to take a seat on the floor and relax with her after work.  He had a split shift at the pool today which always makes for a long day.  There was also a private party to clean up after so he ended up working later than expected which made him grumpy because he knew ribs were waiting at home for dinner and he just wanted to get out of there.  LOL!  The yummy ribs and relaxing dog helped his mood considerably.

Day 248- Sunday, 9/4/16
We still have an extra day left in our weekend which means we can enjoy a late night out with friends.  We met up with the Wong's in Rocklin for a little wine tasting, then sampled a flight of beer at a new brewery, and topped it off with a drink in the bar at Topgolf.  We'll have to come back to the golf place and rent a bay with the kids to play.  It looks fun.

Ok that's it!  See you next week.  The last full week my oldest will be home.


  1. That golf place!! I love long weekends too!

  2. Enjoy this next week! Soak it up! Looks like a great week and glad you were able to relax and enjoy. I am always impressed with what John grills--yum!