Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 37

Hi all and welcome back.  It's Tuesday and feeling like fall here--brrr!  There's also a lot going on with prepping to get the oldest moved.  We leave Thursday for LA and I think we're pretty much ready.  He just has to wash and pack all his clothes.  It should make for an interesting end to our week.

Until then, here are last week's pictures:

Day 249- Monday, 9/5/16
Happy Labor Day!  John grilled us some burgers and dogs for a nice family dinner.  During the summer this is our go-to Sunday meal that we never tire of, and today we get to enjoy it on a Monday.  Yum!  3-day weekends are the best.

Day 250- Tuesday, 9/6/16
It's back to Karate for Brandon.  They had a nice long break all of August.  This will be the last few months too since the couple running the class will be shutting it down after the new year.  It's sad but also means we'll finally have our final black belt very soon which is exciting.  We're all ready to be done.

Day 251- Wednesday, 9/7/16
It's close to bedtime and Justin has 2 books he's reading now for English Honors.  This is the one he likes, The Piano Lesson, and the other he hates, The Awakening. At least he likes one of them and I'm happy to see him reading again.  He's never been one to read for fun.  Meanwhile on the bottom bunk Brandon is goofing around while getting ready for bed. His reading is already done.  Nighty-nite!

Day 252- Thursday, 9/8/16
Today at work I'm reacquainting myself with IMS (immuno-magnetic separation).  I used to run this procedure a lot a long time ago and now that the expert has retired it's time for me to become the new expert.  It's actually pretty easy and a cool technique so I'm happy to take it on again.

Day 253- Friday, 9/9/16
TGIF!  It seemed like a really long week.  The best way to unwind is with a nice long walk around the neighborhood with my favorite side-kick.  We are seeing more and more signs of fall with lots of dropped leaves and feeling a coolness in the air.  It's a bit early for us but I'm ready for fall.

Day 254- Saturday, 9/10/16
The younger boys and I hit up In-N-Out while Tyler and John enjoyed sushi with friends.  That boy can demolish a sushi plate in nothing flat.  Personally, I'm not a fan so I'll stick to my burger and shake.  

Day 255- Sunday, 9/11/16
Today was a busy day, but we all found time to reflect on the significance of 9/11.  The flag memorial our city puts out each year is a great tribute.  On a happier note the Sacramento UCLA Alumni threw a nice Bruin send-off party for the local incoming freshmen.  It was at a beautiful house and property on the river and was a great way to connect with other students attending UCLA from our area.  We continued the party at home with the Cepeda family to not only celebrate the send off but also Tyler's 18th birthday.  18 people!!!  This is the last weekend he'll be home and he turns 18 a week after he leaves so we had to celebrate now especially since he loves my cakes so much ;0)  It's going to be so weird not having him here on his actual birthday.

That's it for now.  Check back next week to see how dropping Tyler off at UCLA went.  I'll be taking him by myself since John needs to stay with the younger two who have school.


  1. That sushi!! Glad Justin is enjoying that book - I enjoyed it!

  2. Yes BYU did play UCLA. They whipped us pretty well :) Glad you had a family get together for the UCLA kids in your area. That is nice. Hope you enjoy these last few days! It is rough let me tell you--just being real. I cry at random times :) But it is all good