Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Week 39

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  When is the next 3-day weekend?  I can sure use another one really soon.  I could also use some cooler temps. We're pushing triple digits again so we lost that fall feeling we were enjoying last week.  Thankfully things should cool back down by the end of the week so at least we'll have a pleasant weekend.  I'm so ready for fall and also ready to bust out my pumpkin collection and start decorating. October 1st is coming up and that will be the day :0)

For now take a peek at last week's pictures:

Day 263- Monday, 9/19/16
Speaking of pumpkins, here is my orange kitty ready to pounce.  Our stairs are one of his favorite places to be. 

Day 264- Tuesday, 9/20/16
This is how we spent our day--Bella and I looking after Brandon as he suffered through a migraine that sent him home from school and knocked him off his feet.  This dog stayed by his side for over 4 hours until he finally started to feel better.  She hates to see one of her peeps down and out, and he was grateful for the support.

Day 265- Wednesday, 9/21/16
It's time for the new Survivor season and it feels weird not watching with Tyler.  He's watched every season with us since he was a baby and sadly we'll probably never get to watch with him again :0(

Day 266- Thursday, 9/22/16
Brandon is trying to finish this book tonight so he can take his reading counts test tomorrow.  He's working his way through the last 4 books in the Lemony Snicket's series before he'll have to find another series to get him through the rest of the year.

Day 267- Friday, 9/23/16
Happy Birthday Tyler!  Our oldest turns 18 today.  This picture was taken when we celebrated early just before he left, and today he received the cake on the right through the Bear Hugs student care-package program.  It's a brownie cake, and he said it was really good but not as good as mine.  Good answer! ;0)  We miss him and hate not being able to give him a birthday hug but did get to talk to him on the phone.  Everyone, even his brothers, had a few minutes with him.  He sounds good and is ready for classes to start because he's bored with all the downtime.  It's so bad he's even looking for a job.  LOL!  Next week will be different.  Dead week will be over and classes will be in full force.  He's so ready!

Day 268- Saturday, 9/24/16
Early today Justin had a doctor's visit and then he and I hit Starbucks after for a treat.  It's nice to have some one-on-one time with him.  He knows how to crack me up.  Later Tyler was excited to be attending his first home college game at the Rose Bowl and even sent us a picture.  Yay!  I'm happy to see his smiley face.  He has a "Den Pass" which gives him access to all home games for all sports.  He loved every minute of the experience even though UCLA lost in the last couple minutes of the game.  Sadly it's the 9th straight year they've lost to Stanford and they were hoping to break that streak this year.  They were so close too, but it all just fell apart literally at the very end.  Next year!

Day 269- Sunday, 9/25/16
I'm keeping myself busy and trying new things to distract me from over thinking about what and how my oldest is doing.  These stress-relieving coloring sheets are just what I need and perfect for a football widow on Sundays.  I've always loved to color and am happy that these detailed, patterned, coloring books are popular and can be found everywhere now. It can be intimidating to get started on each page, but once you start and find a rhythm it just flows and takes on a life of it's own.

That's it! See you next week in October.


  1. Happy birthday to Tyler. Sorry about the migraine. Poor kid! I love your coloring sheets! I might have to look into that! Hope you get cooler temps too! I am waiting to put my pumpkins out and hoping it cools down soon!!! Hope Tyler likes his classes when they start!

  2. Sounds like Tyler is THRIVING & loving college life so far. The colors you used on that elephant coloring sheet are GORGEOUS! Have a MAGNIFICENT week. :)