Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week 40

Welcome back, happy Tuesday, and happy October!  Fall is here and this past weekend it even felt like it.  It felt wonderful with the rain and all.  I know it won't last, but it was still a nice break for now, and I look forward to more.

Here's a peek at last week's pictures:

Day 270- Monday, 9/26/16
This was not the best start to my work week with backed up traffic before 6 am on I-80 headed across the causeway to Davis.  It was a parking lot out there. Usually I have an easy traffic-free commute in the early mornings but not today.  At least once I got to work the rest of my day was all good.  After work, I picked Justin up from school and took him in for a dentist appointment.  He's all clean and clear for the next 6 months.

Day 271- Tuesday, 9/27/16
Time for a Target run and look--only 2 gallons of milk this trip.  I most certainly am buying less food and goods these days with one less kid in the house.  We do miss him though.  I even sent him this picture of Rusty waking up from a nap to say hi.  He got a kick out of that and said he's doing well and his classes are going great, but he does have a cold with a cough. I do hate to hear that since I can't keep an eye on it, but he knows what to do to help make it better and if not he'll see a doctor at the health center.

Day 272- Wednesday, 9/28/16
It's a peaceful afternoon with some quiet reading time.  Now he's reading a book his whole class has to read together called Freak the Mighty, and even though he usually doesn't like assigned readings he's finding this book pretty interesting.

Day 273- Thursday, 9/29/16
Justin now has Tyler's old laptop and is trying to get used to it.  John cleaned it up, got it running better, and bought a new battery so it holds the charge now.  Tonight Justin is using it to create a flyer for his new video-game club.  He's forming the club with a few of his friends and will be the president this year.  They are hoping to have their first meeting in 2 weeks.

Day 274- Friday, 9/30/16
After a REALLY warm start to the week pushing triple digits, things considerably cooled today as the wind picked up and the leaves blew around.  What a perfect day for baking some after-school cookies. Yum!

Day 275- Saturday, 10/1/16
Happy October!  Brandon was excited to help me unpack our Halloween boxes and decorate the house for fall.  After taking his picture with the monthly marker, I started texting Tyler so we could work on his financial aid application for next year. Thankfully we got it done and submitted in record time.  Tyler then went to a home water polo game and later a home football game.  Victory!  This time they won and he's loving every minute of being a part of all that.  The school spirit and pride at UCLA is super fun and infectious and that's one thing he really wanted as part of his college experience.  We watched on TV and tried to look for him in the student section but that section is huge and they all wear the same shirt so we had no luck.  Would it be too much to ask for him told up a huge sign saying "Hi mom and dad" next home game? ;0)

Day 276- Sunday, 10/2/16
It's raining, it's pouring . . . for a few minutes anyway.  It came down good and hard for about 10-20 minutes and that was it, but still it rained and there was snow in the mountains in early October!  We want and need more.  Another wet winter would be great.  Rainy day weather makes for perfect homemade pizza weather and so that's what we had for dinner.  So much work but oh so good--there is nothing like our homemade pizza.  

That's it for now.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next week.


  1. Happy October! I love the photo of Brandon with the monthly marker. We have that same polka dot pumpkin :-) I'm glad things are going well for Tyler at school. Hope he gets over his cold quickly though!

  2. Hope Tyler gets to feeling better soon! Abigail was sick a few weeks ago and that is hard when you are so far away :( Love the rain and pizza shot. That is a perfect meal for a rainy night, or any night in my opinion. Crazy traffic at 6 a.m.! Those cookies look yum too and way to go for Justin starting his own club! That is awesome! Have a great week!

  3. My mom was telling a friend today how she'll buy less food in a year when her eldest goes to school!
    Traffic can be horrible on the highways as early as 5:30 am here - it's nuts!!