Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 42

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  After a wet weekend we are now enjoying some perfect fall weather. Yesterday was such a beautiful day after the big storm and a nice treat.  I'm all for the rain but in small doses with frequent breaks ;0) 

Here's a look at last week's pictures:

Day 284- Monday, 10/10/16
Brandon helped me set up the front entry over the past 2 weekends, and we love it.  The pumpkins are perfect and the window clings he added are a great touch.  Even Bella approves.

Day 285- Tuesday, 10/11/16
Justin is working on creating an engineering puzzle for homework tonight.  He's really enjoying this class and may take more engineering classes in the future.

Day 286- Wednesday, 10/12/16
We're seeing more and more fall color around here.  When I walk the dog my favorite thing to do is look for new colors and changing leaves.  Mother nature is amazing!

Day 287- Thursday, 10/13/16
The new Christmas Lego catalog came in the mail today and Brandon found a few things he'd like to add to his list.  They are Star Wars related, of course. 

Day 288- Friday, 10/14/16
Bring on the rain!  It was misting most the day and then really started to dump especially while I was waiting to pick up kids.  Time to break out the winter jammies and turn on the fire.  Mid October is pretty early for us to be doing this, but we're ok with that.

Day 289- Saturday, 10/15/16
Today we waited on more rain as the drops from last night lingered, but it never actually came until the overnight.  Instead we got high winds and course on the one day my hair was not pulled back.  I'd rather have the rain!  Justin was happy it held off though.  He was volunteering at the animal shelter and worked outside most of the time.  Now he's home relaxing after his shift.

Day 290- Sunday, 10/16/16
Rusty joined me in the morning to check for more rain and rain it did today.  It came down pretty good most of the day.  Later we decided to have nice, warm, and spicy chicken wings to heat us all up for dinner.  Justin was a happy boy.

That's it. See you next week.  Halloween is creeping up on us.  I need to get the kids' costumes pulled together.  One kid knows what he wants to be and the other is still undecided.


  1. I love your entry way all decked out for fall! I am still sleeping in shorts here and it's in the 40s at night (:

  2. Cute entry! Glad you got some rain, probably too much but I know you have been dry. Glad you got some cooler temps too, but the flower shot and the changing leave shot are so pretty! Mother nature is pretty amazing! Have a great week! Hope Tyler is doing well!!

  3. What a perfectly decorated entryway ... not too much and just right. I'm jealous of your nice fall weather and that you were able to start a fire. It was 90 degrees here in North Texas yesterday! :(