Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week 41

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  You'll see a whole lot of pumpkin this week as we kick off fall and embrace October.  Aside from too much school work it's a great time of year we all enjoy.

Here's a look at last week's pictures:

Day 277- Monday, 10/3/16
It was a cloudy, windy, and cold day with a little drizzle and after school flu shots for these two so we decided to hit up Starbucks for a warm treat.  It may or may not have been my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. Yum!

Day 278- Tuesday, 10/4/16
I love seeing my pumpkin collection out and on display.  They make me happy, and I can even leave them up for almost 2 months since they work as Thanksgiving/fall decorations too.  Perfection!

Day 279- Wednesday, 10/5/16
Brandon was happy to help me fill the fall candy dish with sweet treats as he took a break from homework.  There was a lot of homework for him tonight.  DOK stands for "depth of knowledge".  He only had 3 depth of knowledge questions to answer but the responses to each were far from simple.  Look how neat his handwriting is.  It amazes me after having 2 other kids with poor penmanship.  You can always count on a lefty to print nicely.

Day 280- Thursday, 10/6/16
This girl--she misses her Cheez-it buddy, Tyler, but I will do as a replacement until his return.  Then after she was done with me she found Brandon and insisted on him holding her paw.  LOL!  She just can't get enough attention but none of us really mind ;0)

Day 281- Friday, 10/7/16
It's an even year and the Giants made are moving on in the playoffs thanks to a wild card win.  This is the way they roll and John is a happy boy.  Tonight is game 1 and he's ready to represent.  Sadly they lost, but there's still time.  Never underestimate the power of the Giants!

Day 282- Saturday, 10/8/16
This morning the boys and I hit up the pumpkin patch nice and early which was key--before the crowds and heat set in.  We picked up some great pumpkins and then headed home.  Later John and I went out to dinner and a movie on a date night and we selected places to eat and drink that were showing game 2 of the Giants against the Cubs ;0)  Good food, great drinks, excellent movie but sadly another loss for the Giants.  Almost a perfect night.

Day 283- Sunday, 10/9/16
Brandon helped me put up our huge spider this weekend.  It normally goes over the front window but with new windows and screens it just doesn't stick there anymore so we hung it in our super tall entry.  People will have to walk under it to get to the door and Brandon loves it there. It does look pretty cool and creepy but needs a web anchor on either side to keep it from swaying in the wind. Next weekends project.  In the afternoon I made 5 mini loaves of pumpkin bread and the younger boys picked 2 we could send to Tyler.  Pumpkin bread is one of his fall favorites.  I'll be dropping them in the mail tomorrow.

OK--That's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.


  1. His handwriting is amazing!! Hope you'er enjoying fall!

  2. Lucky Tyler getting two loaves of bread! Yum! Love all your decorations! Looks like a good pumpkin patch run!