Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 44

Happy Tuesday and welcome to November!  How did we get here already?  I hope everyone had a good Halloween.  Ours was very wet but still fun.  We seem to have a lot of rain lined up lately which is good and it's also nice we get sunshine breaks here and there without too much cold.  It's all needed so we're happy to have it.  Only 3 more weeks (exactly!) before Tyler comes home to visit.  Can't wait!

Take a look at last week's pictures:

Day 298- Monday, 10/24/16
Here's my spooky cat with those big eyes lurking under a blanket ready to pounce.  With the weather change he's been spending more and more time under blankets.  This week in particular I wish I could have joined him.

Day 299- Tuesday, 10/25/16
Justin had a minimum day and a dr visit after in Sacramento.  Before heading home we hit up Jamba Juice across the street from the dr's office for a nice cold afternoon snack.  It was raining out but still pretty warm and my throat was hurting so a cold smoothy hit the spot.  Later I had snack bar duty at a volleyball game for the Booster's club.  It all made for a super long day.

Day 300- Wednesday, 10/26/16
Today was career day at the middle school, and I was asked to present to two classes.  There were lot of great speakers with different jobs which is wonderful for the kids to see.  I hope we inspired them.  Afterward Brandon and I hit up Target to load up on Halloween candy.  Now we're set and I just need to hide it until the big day ;0)

Day 301- Thursday, 10/27/16
The homework never ends.  At least its raining out and there is nothing better to do--yeah right!  Rain or shine Bella needs her daily walk.  She's a hyper mess if she does not get one.  It wasn't too bad out, but we did get more wet than I was expecting.

Day 302- Friday, 10/28/16
Sadly I was living off this stuff all week.  I should have taken a couple sick days but had too many commitments that couldn't be rescheduled.  I was fighting hard, but the virus won out in the end.  At least we have no real plans for the weekend so I can finally rest up and hopefully kick this thing.  It's all in my throat and ears.  My voice is official unrecognizable today--confirmed by many :0(

Day 303- Saturday, 10/29/16
There's nothing better than rainy day Legos.  These Lego Dimensions that you build and then play in a video game are pretty cool.  Meanwhile in LA Tyler was happily watching a polo game on campus.  His dorm is right next to this pool.  My boy is somewhere in that crowd. USA Water Polo posted this picture on their Facebook page with the comment: "Big crowd in Westwood for UCLA and Stanford. Airing now on Pac-12 Network.  Spieker Aquatics Center at UCLA.

Day 304- Sunday, 10/30/16
Time to carve pumpkins.  We had really large pumpkins this year so it was a lot of work gutting them but still fun to carve and see them transform.  I painted a small one for Tyler.  It's just not right to have only 4 pumpkins in our entry.  Five it must be!  Also the slow weekend was helpful to my health.  I'm finally feeling a bit more normal and have my voice back.  Bye-bye virus!

Wait!  One more-

October's Family Photo

Obviously we are missing Tyler this month but his pumpkin represents him and we'll get a family picture the next couple months with him included so all is good.

Ok, done!  See you next week.


  1. Yay for rain! I love the lego set. The pumpkins turned out great!!

  2. Those pumpkins are big! Similar pictures of use getting treats in the car with our cute boys :) Great minds think alike. Love the little pumpkin for Tyler! hope he is doing well! We leave to see Abigail in 3 weeks too! Can't wait! Glad you are feeling better!!! Hope you continue to do so!

  3. Sorry you were feeling under the weather :-( I'm glad you started to feel better by the end of the weekend! All of your pumpkins turned out so cute. I love that you painted one for Tyler. I know he missed that yearly tradition with you all!

  4. So sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. :( Being sick as a Mom stinks big time.
    I LOVE that picture of you and the other parents at career day.