Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week 45

Welcome back, happy Tuesday, and happy election day!  I just want it to be over so we can stop being divided and come together as a united country again.  What a nasty voting season this has been. We're also adjusting to the time change here.  At least we gained an hour and this one is easier on us than the one in the spring. The later starts in the morning are nice, but the poor pet's tummies don't agree with a later dinner time. Hopefully they'll catch on soon and stop giving us the sad eyes around 4pm.

Here are last week's pictures-

Day 305- Monday, 10/31/16
Happy Halloween!  Spooky times here and a super rainy evening for those trick-or-treaters.  It was a nice day all the way up until the sun went down and just as the kids headed out. Then it poured and poured.  They were troopers though and still had a good time while getting soaked.

Day 306- Tuesday, 11/1/16
Justin found a huge leaf to use as he posed with my monthly marker.  I still can't believe it's November already.

Day 307- Wednesday, 11/2/16
After the rain and a couple foggy days Bella is happy to find a spot to lay where she can soak up the sun and also a little attention from her biggest fan.

Day 308- Thursday, 11/3/16
Typical teenage boy--always in the fridge.  He's also taller than it now and has changed so much in the past 6 months.  Puberty finally kicked a couple months after his 15th birthday and now he's looking a lot more mature.  No more baby face or cute little voice ;0(

Day 309- Friday, 11/4/16
The past few days have been beautiful fall days with a lot of sunshine--perfect for walks collecting colorful leaves.  It's also perfect for the end of high school football season.  Tonight I worked in the Boosters' snack bar during our last home game.  No more snack bars until December when basketball and soccer season start.

Day 310- Saturday, 11/5/16
It's a night out for us.  We had dinner and cocktails at Pizza Rock across the street from the Crest theater where we then watched the latest Warren Miller ski movie.  Bring on the snow.  It's time to gear up for a new ski season.

Day 311- Sunday, 11/6/16
Justin spent his Sunday afternoon casing the neighborhood for canned food to give to the Sacramento Food Bank.  They are having a canned food drive at school and everyone around here was kind enough to help out.  This is only half of what he collected. Our neighborhood rocks!

That's it.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.

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  1. Love your halloween fun! Good luck keeping the fridge stocked (o: